Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeds Monday Report – 8/17/2015

Not too much action on the Big Brother Live Feeds overnight into Monday morning, but some interesting conversations going on. The target for eviction this week is pretty much already resigned to their fate, so most of the talk was about what’s going to happen with the next Head of Household Competition and beyond.

Liz and Austin cuddle on the Live Feeds (CBS)

Right now, Austin and the twins are right in the middle of everything, and their strong voting block has a lot of power over the house. With Liz winning both Head of Household and Power of Veto, the final nominations for eviction on Monday were entirely under their control.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

There was a lot of talk last night about the possibility of backdooring Vanessa, but going into the overnight hours on the Big Brother Live Feeds, it looked like that wasn’t going to happen. The plan prior to the Veto Ceremony was to leave the nominations the same, and unless Becky pulls a last minute miracle, it looks like she’ll be out on Thursday.

Monday Overnight Live Feeds – 8/17/2015

12:00 AM BBT: James plastic wraps Steve’s stuff and dentist chair bed in the Have-Not room. He does a most thorough job of it.

Big Brother Live Feeds August 17 (1)

Meanwhile, Steve, Austin and the twins play pool outside. Austin is in a pissy mood because Liz called him a pansy. He refuses to shake Steve’s hand at the end of the pool game. He still has stupid twist ties in his hair and beard. Liz and Austin have a little mini-spat. They make up and Liz gets called off to Diary Room. She actually yelps when the Big Brother voice surprises her.

Big Brother Live Feeds August 17 (2)

12:30 AM BBT: Austin and Liz have a ‘hammock date’. They talk about how Johnny Mac gets called off to the Diary Room all the time. Austin is naughty and talks about production, saying he thinks they are always trying to get him to not target Johnny Mac. Liz isn’t plans to leave the nominations the same at the Veto Ceremony and not use the PoV.

Big Brother Live Feeds August 17 (3)

Meg, James and Johnny Mac talk randomly in the bedroom. Becky comes in from a shower and flops down next to John.

12:30 AM BBT: Steve rips the plastic wrap off his Have-Not bed with a butter knife. He laughs over the whole thing, so that is good.

Big Brother Live Feeds August 17 (4)

12:40 AM BBT: Steve puts on a blonde wig and makes fun of ‘grandma’ Meg. Meg just keeps saying Steve is “so mean” over and over and over again.

Big Brother Live Feeds August 17 (5)

Meg and Julia talk a bit of game. Me says Vanessa was crying earlier. (Vanessa is kind of being ignored almost all the time by everybody.) They are worried about the idea of Vanessa winning HoH again and who she might target. Meg thinks Becky is starting to get a bit freaked out. Julia asks Meg if she thinks Liz will use the Veto. Meg doesn’t think so. Meanwhile, Austin and Liz practice what she is going to say at the Veto Ceremony.

12:50 AM BBT: Austin wants Johnny Mac to win Head of Household so he can get Vanessa out. John wants Vanessa out and he says her crying isn’t going to change that. Austin says he regrets keeping Vanessa over Shelli and he wish he’d known more about her crap before. He wants to throw the HoH so John can win. He assures John that he is safe this week from eviction.

Big Brother Live Feeds August 17 (6)

1:10 AM BBT: In what we think is just a sad conversation, because NO ONE should ever give up on Big Brother, James and Meg talk about playing for second place. Meg is unhappy that they aren’t telling Becky the truth about being evicted. (Even though, really, she’s not clueless about it.) James doesn’t feel bad about it because he says she lied to them too.

Big Brother Live Feeds August 17 (7)

1:30 AM BBT: Austin tells John that Vanessa actually didn’t want to win the Double Eviction Head of Household Competition and threw it so she wouldn’t be more of a target or get more blood on her hands. He says she felt safe enough not to worry about winning. Austin tells Johnny Mac to make a deal with Vanessa, lie to her, whatever.

Long conversation with Johnny Mac, Liz, and Austin about game. A lot about Vanessa. Worth a rewind on the Live Feeds.

1:40 AM BBR: Meg, Becky, and Johnny Mac talk by the hammock. Random stuff. Meg leaves. Becky says she doesn’t know how she ended up the target and she doesn’t know how she can do anything about it. Becky says he is the only person that would vote for her. Johnny Mac says he has to start winning things (other than Veto?) if he wants to survive. John thinks Vanessa is in trouble because she’s lost her power over the house. Steve comes over and joins them.

Big Brother Live Feeds August 17 (8)

Steve tells John he apologized to Meg for making fun of her arthritis. They talk about how they need to be nice to Vanessa so she feels comfortable. Random talk.

2:50 AM BBT: Austin and Liz talk about Vanessa. Austin says they need to make sure they act more friendly to her so that she doesn’t act up and blow up their game. Liz talks about how Steve was making fun of Meg earlier. Johnny says he was making fun of her knees and her rheumatoid arthritis and you can’t do that because it’s like making fun of someone with Parkinson’s. Austin pets Liz like a dog.

Big Brother Live Feeds August 17 (1)

Outside, Becky, Steve and Johnny Mac talk about random stuff.

Up in the HoH room, Meg, Austin and the twins talk about Becky and Vanessa. Austin says he wishes they could get Vanessa out this week but Liz doesn’t have a good reason to backdoor her. Austin wants Johnny Mac to get her out next week. Meg says she wouldn’t mind being the one to get Vanessa out. They all talk about how they have to play nice with Vanessa for her Jury vote, and in case she stays, so she doesn’t target one of them.

Big Brother Live Feeds August 17 (1)

3:30 AM BBT: Steve has a snack, messes with the pool cue, stares at the cameras, and is the last to finally wander off to bed after walking around the house for a while.

4:00 AM BBT: All Houseguests off to bed.

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