Who Won the Power of Veto Tonight on Big Brother 21 (08/07/19)?

Finally, the Six Shooters imploded and the outsiders gained some control in the Big Brother 21 house when sleeper Jessica Milagros won the Head of Household (HOH) competition this week. Jessica took a major stance in the house when she nominated the two alpha males, Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie, who have controlled the Big Brother 21 house with their alliance since week one. The Power of Veto (POV) competition could spoil her chance to take out her primary target this week if Jack wins the POV and takes himself off the block.

Big Brother 21 Jessica Milagros

In addition, one of Jack’s major allies, Christie Murphy, still holds onto the diamond POV which powers expire tonight. The diamond POV not only takes a houseguest off the block, but the holder also appoints the replacement nominee to the block rather than the current HOH. This definitely takes some power away from the HOH if the “other” side of the house holds and uses this power. Jessica needs another victory for her side tonight to ensure her HOH plans work out accordingly.

Week Six Block Nomination Fallout

Jessica made it very clear that the “Jacks” made her feel powerless, and she’s ready to take her power back in the Big Brother 21 house. Both Jack and Michie want to fight hard for the POV, and Christie has already promised to use her special power to help her ally Jack. HOH Jessica knows that Christie’s diamond veto could potentially cause her a lot of problems this week with her target.

Holly reassures Michie to win the veto and save his game. Holly knows that Michie probably wouldn’t be on the block unless he had not opened his mouth to Jack about Holly and Kathryn Dunn knowing one another prior to the Big Brother game.

Big Brother 21

Nick Maccarone is playing the middle of the house right now. He is telling Jack what he wants to hear. At the same time, Nick is telling Jessica what she wants to hear. He doesn’t want to make a full commitment again until he is sure exactly where he stands inside the Big Brother 21 house. Smart play but also risky play.

Power of Veto Competition

Jessica, Jack, and Michie will automatically play in the POV. The randomly chosen houseguests to play in the POV are Kat, Tommy Bracco, and Nick. Kat should play to keep Jessica’s nominations the same while Tommy will definitely take Jack off the block and use the diamond POV to name the replacement. Nick is still a wildcard at this point.

This POV competition is called Tossed in Space. The houseguests will take turns entering the BB21 spacecraft which spins them around rather quickly. After being spun like a top, they must launch their rocket onto the playing field where the piece will land on a number. That number is their score for that round.

Big Brother 21

The player with the fewest points in each round is eliminated. Each eliminated player can chose an astronaut helmet containing either prizes or punishments. The last player standing can chose to keep their helmet or trade for another including the POV.  As each round progresses, the highest number on the playing field becomes zero going forward making the game more difficult. Let the game begin!

Big Brother 21

After a few rounds, Jessica and Nick are the only two remaining houseguests in the competition. Nick landed a 17 this round, while Jessica landed a 28 making her the POV competition winner. Of course, she chose the POV as her prize. Nick ended up with $5,000 cash, and Kat won a trip to Hawaii. Tommy, Jack, and Michie all ended up with punishments.

Tommy won the BB Explorer punishment. He must wear a rocket costume and when he is called to explore, he must visit every room at the speed of light, sound, or smell. He must announce the speed of travel he is using and perform a certain action when he enters the room. He must keep up this charade for a week. This punishment not only effects Tommy but the entire Big Brother house…especially when he is called to duty at 3 AM. Good times for all the houseguests.

Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV ceremony, Jessica decided NOT to use the power and keep the nominations the same. It’s official, either Jack or Michie will be evicted tomorrow evening. In addition, Christie’s diamond POV is no more!

Join us again tomorrow evening for the live eviction, Thursday August 8th 9 PM EST/ 8 PM CST.

Big Brother 21

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