Who Won Love Island USA 2019?

After a short four and a half weeks, Love Island USA 2019 wraps its freshman season. Fans of the UK import don’t have to worry about the cancellation of CBS’s newest summer series, because it’ll be back for Love Island USA 2020 next summer, maybe with a few changes.

For the last three days of season 1 of Love Island USA, CBS packed on the cheese factor with major glamour shots, a surprise visit/reunion, confessions of “I love yous,” and all the pop songs they could fit into three hours of reality TV. As we close the first final chapter of Love Island USA, lets recap where we went this week and get into who actually won Love Island 2019.


The episode started with Weston Richey and Kyra Green hashing things out. They decided that they’re just friends, and Weston was sorry for any misunderstanding. Then he went to clarify things with Emily Salch. The Islanders then have to complete a series of tasks, like cake decorating blindfolded. Alexandra Stewart and Dylan Curry win, but receive no prize.
Next, we’re going right into the final elimination. Host Arielle Vandenberg lets the Islanders know that America voted off one couple. The couple eliminated is Kyra and Jered Youngblood. But before Kyra leaves, Arielle shows her a special (shirtless) video message from Cashel Barnett. He says he misses her and can’t wait to see her too. After Kyra and Jered pack, while Kyra is talking to a cameraperson, Cashel sneaks behind her. She’s “shocked” to see him. They talk for a bit (and he confesses that he loves her too) and they kiss.

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Next, the final couples go on their last getaway date. Dylan and Alexandra take a helicopter ride before going to the beach to have their date. They go down memory lane of how they got to this point, and then Dylan asks Alexandra to make things official: He wants her to be his girlfriend. She says yes. We also see Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber’s final date. They get a yacht date. They also take a stroll down memory lane, before Zac confesses to Elizabeth that he loves her. She feels the same.


Tuesday’s episode starts right where Monday left off with the final two dates. Caroline “Caro” Viehweg and Ray Gantt have their official first date. It’s a candle light dinner that moves to the beach. Once again, we get a trip down memory lane and Ray asks Caro to be his girl. She’s overjoyed by it and says yes.

For Weston and Emily’s final date, more memory lane, plus a band, a cheese and fruit platter, and some dancing. We didn’t get any love confessions or defining the relationship moments. Then we get a montage of what looks like Zac and Elizabeth, and Weston and Emily having sex. Then Weston gets a text for the islanders: the parents are coming!

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Zac’s mom and sister come, and Elizabeth’s mom and sister. Their families start grilling them about their mates and then they meet them. Their families have already started to get close and pointed out some similarities, like the date their parents got married. Emily’s bestie comes and Weston’s sister and dad come. Dylan’s parents come and Alexandra’s best friend and mom.

Caro’s best friend came, and Ray’s mom and dad. Caro’s parents live out of the country. Ray got the vibe from his parents that they weren’t huge fans of Caro. Ray’s mom was pretty straightforward to Caro and basically told her that she wasn’t a fan of her but she would hoped for the best.

Wednesday (the Love Island USA Finale)

The Islanders have a final brunch and then a text about a final Love Island party. The girls get a pamper day with special outfits for tonight. The guys stay back and imitate the girls. The girls then go down memory lane (yes again) about their guys. The guys then get a text saying they need to do their declaration of love speeches for the girls. The girls have to do the same.

The party starts and so does the declarations. Zac and Elizabeth go first, followed by Weston and Emily, then Ray and Caro, followed finally by Alexandra and Dylan.

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More memory lane for each couple and short interviews with Arielle.

4th-Weston and Emily

3rd-Ray and Caro

2nd-Dylan and Alexandra

1st-Zac and Elizabeth

Zac and Elizabeth!!

Elizabeth then receives the envelope with the $100,000. She, of course, decides to split it with Zac, giving them both $50,000.

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