The Challenge USA Spoilers: Episode 3 Eliminations

During the last episode of The Challenge USA, the first Big Brother houseguest was sent home. Tiffany Mitchell, from Big Brother 23 and winner of America’s Favorite vote, lost the arena competition with partner Cashel Barnett. He was the third Love Island alumni to leave the game after two others from the show were eliminated in the premiere.

The Challenge USA

With a total of nine Big Brother players in The Challenge USA this season, they definitely have the advantage. With Tiffany’s elimination, Big Brother and Survivor are now tied, each with eight players left in the game. Will Big Brother keep all its players in the game this week or win the challenge?

With the algorithm to decide partners each week, some players seem to be migrating away from their reality show allegiances. This is especially true for the players from shows like Amazing Race and Love Island because they have so few members from their show in The Challenge USA. We will have to see how this impacts the gameplay.

Week Three Main Challenge

This week’s main challenge is called Hang On Man. This is the Challenge’s version of the oh-so-popular Hangman we all know and love from our childhoods.

First, players must race across a large parking lot and grab the pieces necessary to assemble their stairs to access their letter choices in the game. Once the stairs are built, they can go to the platform’s top and grab their beam. One player will balance on a beam with another beam on their shoulders while the other player races back across the parking lot to grab letters.

When the player brings back a letter that is not in their phrase, a 10-pound sandbag is attached to the player’s beam, resting on their shoulders. Important note, if a player falls from their balance beam, they are immediately eliminated from the game. The first team to solve their phrase wins, and the last team to finish will be sent to the arena for possible elimination.

The Challenge USA

After a very grueling competition, Kyland Young from Big Brother 23 and Angela Rummons from Big Brother 20 won the competition. They will split $10,000 to put in their personal Challenge accounts. Unfortunately, James Wallington from Amazing Race and Tasha Fox from Survivor were the first team to fall out and lost the competition. They will face off against another team in the arena to determine their fate.

The winning team, Angela and Kyland, will choose which team will compete against James and Tasha in the arena. It is safe to say that a Big Brother team will not be chosen, which is great news for Big Brother fans. The couple competing against James and Tasha is Domenick Abbate from Survivor and Cashay Proudfoot from Love Island. The winning team will be safe, and the losing team will go home.

Week Three Arena Challenge

The arena competition is called Plug and Play. The teams will have to be the first to build a tower of concrete building blocks that are submerged in a tank filled with water. The first to build their tower of 14 blocks will be safe this week.

The Challenge USA

By the narrowest of margins, Dom and Cash won the competition and are safe this week from elimination. Dom almost blew the entire competition because he forgot to stop the water from running out of their tank. Luckily, Cash finished building the tower before their time ran out. James and Tasha were eliminated from The Challenge USA.

Join us again next week for another episode recap of The Challenge USA.

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