Big Brother 16 Spoilers: First Head of Household Results!

The first Big Brother 2014 spoilers are in on the premiere Head of Household Competition for season 16. Part one of the Big Brother 16 premiere took place on Wednesday night and the first of two Heads of Household for week one was revealed. Read on for the first HoH Competition Big Brother results of the season!

Big Brother 16 premiere HoH comp (CBS)
Big Brother 16 premiere HoH comp (CBS)

The two-night Big Brother 2014 premiere kicked off on Wednesday evening, with only eight of the sixteen total Houseguests making an appearance. Amber, Cody, Devin, Donny, Frankie, Joey, Nicole, and Paola were the first Big Brother 16 cast members to enter the house. They barely had a chance to get settled in and make introductions (and amazingly, three alliances!) before the first Head of Household Competition was underway.

For the first HoH contest of the season, the Houseguests were tasked with standing on a rolling beam while holding on to the rope of a kite. If they let go of the kite, it would crash down and ruin their sandcastle, putting them out of the running. They had to walk forward and backward on the rolling beam at times, occasionally being doused in slippery sunscreen.

Paola was the first out of the competition early on. After complaining she has terrible balance, Joey was the next to take a dive. One by one the other Houseguests fell with Nicole, Donny, Devin, and Cody out in short order. That left just Amber and Frankie to battle it out for the win. As they are rolling on the beam, we cut aside to the Diary Room where Amber reveals she decided to throw the competition after learning from Julie earlier that the Head of Household would not be safe this season.

Back to the competition, and Amber sort of jumps/falls off the beam, leaving the first Head of Household win of season 16 to Frankie J. Grande. At first he celebrates like crazy for winning, but then he starts to freak out about the new twists and how winning HoH might not turn out to be the best thing after all.

On Thursday night, the second group of Big Brother 2014 cast members will enter the house, followed by another HoH contest to determine the second Head of Household for week one.

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