Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 2 Highlights: Is Cody Secretly Targeting Paul?

As Big Brother 19 houseguests let their emotions override their logic, the Big Brother 2017 drama continued. Yesterday’s Big Brother Live Feeds focused a lot on personal chatter. We now know a lot about players personal opinions, and less about their Big Brother 19 game plans. Therefore, there wasn’t much to report game wise from yesterday’s Big Brother 19 Live Feeds events.

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Day 3

Of course, we had more Big Brother 2017 showmance drama. This is to be expected when you have one too many showmances in one season. The most unexpected pairing, Raven Walton and Matthew Clines, seem to have the most stable showmance at the moment. Our second main showmance couple, Elena Davies and Mark Jansen, got questioned about the legitimacy of their showmance and it turned into an unexpected sore spot for Mark.

Find out what else happened in the Big Brother 19 house by reading our day 2 highlights recap below.

Cody’s Covert Plan

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson, Jillian Park, Alex Ow

Cody Nickson continues to tell his unofficial alliance to trust him about the Power of Veto replacement. His main goal is to keep the couples (Elena and Mark, Raven and Matt, and Jessica Graf and him) and Dominique Cooper safe.

He worked on this plan by making a deal with Alex Ow and Ramses Soto. In exchange for keeping them safe this week, he wants them to protect his alliance. He also plans to make a similar deal with Jason Dent.

The more Cody talked about his secret plan, the more Cody’s renomination options narrowed. Eventually fans started to wonder if Cody plans to nominate Paul Abrahamian or Christmas Abbott.

Cody did not mention keeping either of them safe to his other alliance members. Paul seems to believe that he is in the large alliance with Cody and company, but Cody never confirmed this partnership. Additionally, on the Big Brother 19 premiere, Cody consistently spoke of wanting to target Paul.

As we know, Paul has three weeks of safety. Therefore, if Cody nominates Paul, he will then have to nominate someone else, giving Cody the record of making the most nominations in one week.

This will expose Cody’s secret vendetta against Paul. It will also force Cody to make another enemy. If that enemy stays (which is likely if he nominates Christmas in Paul’s place), he has another person wanting him out. Him nominating Paul also hurts Paul’s game, because he’s been lying about his secret power–and trying to make people believe Ramses has it.

Paul Revisits Big Brother 18

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian, Matthew Clines, Elena Davies

Paul spent quite awhile last night talking about Big Brother 18. He gave his uncensored opinion on the cast of Big Brother 18. He basically stated that he thought they all had issues and were immature.

By choice, he claims that he’s not close with any of them. Paul then discussed how and why he thought he lost his original season. He believed the Big Brother 18 jury voted bitterly by giving the win to Nicole Franzel, and they would have done the same with James Huling.

The Dominique Show

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Day 3

Dominique hosted a talk show for the Big Brother 19 houseguests. She plans to do this show every Sunday and Wednesday. On the first episode, she interviewed Kevin Schlehuber and Mark. The show is just a lighthearted way to get insight into the houseguest’s reactions to events going on in the house.

She may be sneakily using this show to get info out of people without them realizing it. However, she didn’t get much info last night. She did, however, cause some drama. During Mark’s interview, the houseguests attacked him with ‘audience’ questions, including one about his feelings for Elena.

Mark got nervous but he answered the question. All seemed fine, but later he complained to Dominique about being asked about his showmance. We saw a different side to the gentle giant as he wasn’t too pleased to be interrogated.

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