Big Brother 24 Episode 14 Recap: OTEV Gets Saucy

After Daniel Durston helped put his BFF on the block, Nicole Layog was evicted from the Big Brother 24 house under the Head of Household reign of Monte Davis and the Leftovers alliance. Nicole was overconfident that she had enough votes to remain in the house.

BB24 Otev

Michael Bruner was his first Head of Household competition win of the Big Brother 24 summer. He nominated besties Monte, Terrance Higgins, and Joseph Abdin to the block, but his target is to backdoor Daniel. This was his fourth competition win of the season. Can he make that five wins with another Power of Veto win this evening? Let’s find out.

Week Five Block Nomination Aftermath

Michael likes his block nominations. If the guys win the veto and pull themselves off the block, he can target Daniel. If they remain on the block, he has some pretty big targets on the block to consider this week for eviction from the Big Brother 24 house.

Terrance is aligned with Daniel. He wants Monte evicted this week because he feels Monte is a significant threat to his game. He told Daniel that he was willing to sabotage the POV competition to keep Monte on the block and evict him this week. Daniel loved the idea as that would take the focus off of him. Time will tell.

The Muffin Man Part Two

Jasmine Davis is bound and determined to figure out who ate half of her muffin left in the kitchen. She was hiding out, trying to solve the conundrum. She suspects her Festie Bestie, Matt Turner, as the guilty party, but she does not have any proof.


Turner is the guilty party, but there is no way he will admit guilt to Jasmine. He thinks if he fessed up about all this, she would be so upset that it could possibly cost him a jury vote. He denied the accusations from Jasmine to the chopping block.

Week Five Power of Veto Competition

Michael and his bestie Brittany Hoopes will play in the POV competition. In addition, Monte, Joseph, and Terrance will compete as block nominees. Michael randomly chose Jasmine and Turner as the last players to round out this week’s golden veto competition.

OTEV is back in the Big Brother 24 house this week. OTEV will sing the houseguest’s clues. They must race to their pools and find the hidden sauce container that holds the answer from the clues given by OTEV. The last player to return or the player with the wrong answer will be eliminated from the competition. The last player standing and their Festie Bestie will win the golden POV.

When all was said and done, Michael won his 4th POV competition. This season, he is a competition beast making quite an impressive resume for himself inside the Big Brother house. He has won every POV competition that he has competed in thus far.

The houseguests that are not in the Leftovers alliance are certain this should be the week to evict Monte. He is a big threat in the game, and they want to see him gone. Terrance and Jasmine are leading this push right now. They both privately approached Michael about leaving the nominations the same and backdooring Monte this week.

Michale is a smart Big Brother player. He recognized that Jasmine, Terrance, Daniel, Indy Santos, and Alyssa Snider approached him about the same plan to go after Monte. He has figured out they have an organized plan to solicit him to target Monte this week. Michael doesn’t want to be put in charge of doing other people’s dirty work.

Week Five Power of Veto Ceremony

Michael and Brittany decided to use the golden POV this week and remove Terrance, Monte, and Joseph were removed from the block. Michael made an incredible statement before naming his replacement nominee…

“To quote my favorite Elvis impersonator and what he said four weeks ago was what’s good for the house is good for me. You have rubbed some peole the wrong way here, and I hope you take this as an opportunity to apologize. Daniel, please take a seat.”

Wow, Michael is not holding back with his feelings toward Daniel. He and Kyle Capener are now on the block for eviction this week. Daniel will leave this week unless something drastic happens in the game.

Join us again tomorrow, August 11, at 9 PM EST for the live eviction.

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