The Challenge USA Spoilers: Episode 6 Eliminations

Last week on The Challenge USA, Tyson Apostol and Cashay Proudfoot pulled out a fantastic victory in the main challenge for the week. Big Brother alumnus Azah Awasum and her partner from Love Island, Cinco Holland, finished last and went directly to the arena competition to fight for their lives.

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Tyson and Cashay chose Leo Temory of Amazing Race and Sarah Lucina of Survivor to join Azah and Cinco in the arena competition. Unfortunately, another Big Brother alumnus went home when Leo and Sarah won the competition. Big Brother has lost 3 competitors so far this season and is now tied with Survivor with 6 players remaining. Will Big Brother take the lead tonight?

Week Six Main Challenge

This week’s challenge is called Containment, and here is how it works. Teams will swim to 4 different 40′ shipping containers that are suspended 25′ over the water. Players will climb the ladders on each end to reach the containers and begin counting the different symbols located on top of and inside the containers. They must do this for all 4 containers by using a rope swing to reach the different containers.

The Challenge USA

After the symbols are counted, the teams must race back to the platform, where a value card will be unlocked. They must complete different mathematical calculations using the number of symbols they counted on the containers. If their math is correct, sparks will fly. The fastest team to correctly complete this challenge will win. The slowest team will be headed to the arena to fight for their lives.

Enzo Palumbo from Big Brother and Justine Ndiba from Love Island were unable to complete the course and finished in last place. They will head to the arena to compete.

The team with the fastest time was David Alexander from Big Brother and Desi Williams from Survivor. They must decide which team they will pick to face off in the arena against Enzo and Justine.

Week Six Arena Challenge

Derek Xiao from Big Brother and Shannon St. Clair from Love Island were chosen to compete against Enzo and Justine in the arena. Shannon was injured earlier in the day competing in the main challenge and is working with a hamstring injury. This was the primary reason this pair was chosen.

This challenge is simple. Each team will compete to move 60 tires from one platform to another. They will only be allowed to carry one tire at a time. The first team to move all of their tires will win this challenge and save themselves from elimination.

The Challenge USA

There is a twist. Spelling. Yep, that’s right. The host will give them a word to spell backward. If they get it right, 5 tires will be removed from their stack. Enzo and Justine misspelled a word which gave Derek and Shannon an advantage in the competition.

Even with an advantage, Derek and Shannon lost the competition to Enzo and Justine. Big Brother lost another player in the arena leaving Big Brother with just 5 players remaining. Survivor is now leading with 6 players in the game.

Join us next week for another recap of The Challenge: USA.

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