Big Brother 18: Alliance Round-Up Week 5

The last week made excitement and drama go rampant in the Big Brother 2016 house over the last week. For the first time this summer, a houseguest (HG) has reentered the Big Brother 18 house via the Battle Back competition. Alliances have fallen apart, HGs have been thrown under the bus, promises have been broken, major power shifts have occurred, and a likable veteran HG is on the block for eviction this Big Brother 18 week.

Big Brother 18 alliance chart, courtesy of 89RazorSkate20
Big Brother 18 alliance chart, courtesy of 89RazorSkate20

With a resounding vote of 8-0, Tiffany Rousso was evicted last week. Tiffany narrowly escaped eviction the previous week, thanks to a last minute vote flip that sent Bronte D’Acquisto home. The primary reason for the last minute vote flip was essentially to irritate Frank Eudy, who desperately wanted Tiffany out of the house. Once Tiffany was saved from eviction, she and Frank joined forces in a rather unexpected move. In the end, Tiffany pleas to stay in the house fell on deaf ears. Frank, feeling the shift of power in the house against him, voted in favor of the house, to show his dedication to the majority alliance.

In just two weeks, Frank went from complete and total control of the house to sitting on the block next to his only ally left in the game, Bridgette. Frank played puppet master to Bridgette during her reign as Head of Household (HOH). He was on top of the world pulling Bridgette’s strings by dictating who she should nominate to the block. He felt even more power when he won the Road Kill competition that same week, and then secretly nominated Bridgette’s own ally Bronte, which ultimately lead to her eviction.

Even after Bridgette won the Power of Veto (POV), and had the ability to remove her friend from the block, Frank pulled the strings again. He convinced her that there was no need to use the POV and remove Bronte from the block. Tiffany was the HG going out the door. Frank was wrong on all counts, and now Bridgette sits on the block next to Frank. Barring a miracle POV, this win this week cpild save one of them from eviction, either Frank or Bridgette will be evicted this week. The remaining HG will need to scramble to find some safety as they would be an easy target for eviction next week leaving little blood on the new HOH’s hands.

Excitement ramped up when Victor reentered the house this week after beating out Glenn Garcia, Jozea Flores, Bronte D’Acquisto, and Tiffany in the Battle Back competition. Interestingly enough, just prior to coming back into the game, the HGs had agreed to immediately evict any HG that came back into the gameplay. That would put Victor on the block this week, no questions asked. Lucky for Victor, things did not work out that way thanks in part to a deal Frank made with Da’Vonne Rogers during the HOH competition. Had Frank kept his mouth shut, Victor would have been nominated to the block by this week’s HOH James Huling. That’s not how things worked out though, very fortunately for Victor.

During the long endurance HOH competition, Frank approached Day to strike a deal to end the torture for his fellow ally Bridgette. The only remaining players in the game were James, Day, and Bridgette with all vowing to see it through the night, if need be. Day didn’t trust Bridgette, and Bridgette didn’t trust Day. Frank asked Day to throw the competition to James and call it a day, no pun intended. Day was not about the remove herself from the game leaving Bridgette a chance to win and possibly naming her to Block this week. To prove his trustworthiness, Frank told Day that Nicole had said she wanted Day evicted from the game before Victor. This was quite a revelation to Day as the entire house had been in agreement to evict Victor simply because he won his spot back into the BB house. Once Frank threw Nicole under the bus, Day couldn’t keep quiet with this information and immediately asked Nicole if this was true. With no other options, Nicole denied the accusation although she was lying through her teeth. With tempers flaring and fatigue setting in, Day and Bridgette finally agreed to throw the competition to James who promised not to nominate either Day not Bridgette to the Block this week.

It didn’t take James long to break the promise that he made with Bridgette and Day to ultimately win this week’s HOH. As well spoken by James, you can always bounce checks written in the BB house, and James didn’t waste any time bouncing his check written to win the ahOH competition. With pressure from the house majority alliance, or what’s left of it, James nominated Frank and Bridgette to the block with Frank being the target for eviction this week. Frank and Bridgette must feel their games slowly slipping away from them, as the only alliance that are members of a duo on the block.

The 8-pack alliance has been the house majority alliance since the first week of the game. Small changes have been made to the alliance along the way. Tiffany became a liability to the alliance with all of her emotional outbursts and became a target for eviction. That left her outside of the alliance looking in before her eviction. Paul has managed to befriend Paulie and squeeze his way into the house majority alliance, and it’s not certain they still call themselves the 8-Pack. The current members of the house majority alliance are Paul, Paulie, James, Zakiyah, Nicole, Corey, Michelle, and Da’Vonne sitting on a thin line of trust and mistrust.

The Fatal 4, a sub-set and all-girls alliance of the original 8-Pack alliance includes Day, Nicole, Zakiyah, and Michelle. Again, Day is not really trusted by anyone in the house. As a result, the Fatal 4 has essentially become the Fatal 3 when you take Day out of the group. James and Day have a deal together which is the only alliance Day has now with any merit. Let’s be realistic, with 12 HGs left in the game and half of those in showmances or something closely resembling a showmance, Day is really on the outside looking in at this point of the game. Most of the house does not feel as though she can be trusted, and when you lose trust in the BB house, your game is in serious jeopardy.

Now that the 4 teams have been eliminated from the game play, those relationships no longer cloudy the water. Also, there is no longer that guaranteed protection afforded to the players if someone on their team won the HOH. The game is now down to forging your own alliances and not relying on “teams” to protect you from being nominated to the block, at least for the time-being.

Victor’s return to the game has been fairly benign thus far. He has managed to lay low and offer his vote to the house majority alliance. If he does want to go much farther in the game, Victor does need to do some serious playing and form an alliance to help carry him further in the game. He lucked out this week with Frank hanging himself by throwing Nicole under the bus. He is a viable vote in the house, and needs to step up soon if he wants to make the most of battling his way back into the game. He is athletic and somewhat intelligent and therefore could be a threat in upcoming competitions.

All in all, at this point in the game, there is not a core group calling all of the shots of the players to be nominated to the Block and then ultimately evicted from the game. Once Frank is evicted this week, which all signs point to, Bridgette will not be far behind him from going home. The house majority needs to gather up the troops and select a strong 4 or 5 players to form an alliance to get them through the next few rounds of play. However, as Julie warned us recently, there are more twists and surprises coming our way this summer. Those twists in the game typically have quite an impact on the alliances, and we all know no promise is safe in the BB house.


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