Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Second Head of Household Room Revealed!

We have some awesome Big Brother spoilers for you in advance of part two of the season 16 premiere! Ever since we learned there were going to be two Heads of Household each week this season, we’ve been wondering exactly where the heck they are going to sleep!

Big Brother 16 cast enters the house (CBS)
Big Brother 16 cast enters the house (CBS)

Were the two Big Brother 16 HoHs supposed to cozy up together in one bed, or what? Would there be a seperate bed for each of them in the same room? Or would each of them actually get their own separate space? Well, the mystery has finally been solved with the unveiling of the second Head of Household bedroom.

As we had hoped, it looks like the two Heads of Household will each get their own room as a prize for winning each week. Photos of the first HoH bedroom were revealed back when the original house photos were released by CBS Big Brother. Now we have our first look at the second HoH bedroom. Check out both of them in the photos below.

(Click the thumbnails for bigger pics or to scroll through.)

From what we can tell, it looks like the new, second Head of Household bedroom is tucked into the old Pandora’s Box/coaches’ room. Does that mean no Pandora’s Box this year? Hmmm. We guess both the HoHs will have to share the private bathroom. Now we are just left to wonder which HoH winner will get which room and how that will be determined.

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