Big Brother 18 Episode 17 Preview: Expect the Unexpected

Frank Eudy and Bridgette Dunning have forgotten the number one rule in Big Brother: expect the unexpected. James’ nomination shocked and appalled both of them on Sunday’s Big Brother 18 episode. Unless a Big Brother the Power of Veto (POV) saves Bridgette or Frank, one of the two, the puppet or the puppet master, will be evicted from the BB house.

BB preview-OTEV

In two brief weeks, Frank went from bragging about being the king of the house to having the largest target on his back this week. When Bridgette won HOH, Frank sat in the shadows while he called all the shots. He believed that his hands remained bloodless.

Eventually, the house showed Frank and Bridgette that they were at the bottom of the power structure by flipping the script on them at the last minute. They sparred Frank’s nemesis, Tiffany, and evicted Bridgette’s biggest ally, Bronte. Bridgette learned a hard lesson. This week, it appears, as she sits on the block next to Frank, that she learned it a little too late.

Frank has no one to blame but himself for being nominated on the block. The house agreed that if a player came back into the house, they would immediately be put up on the block for eviction, no questions asked. So the plan was already made before Victor came strutting back into the house, but Frank being Frank blew that for himself and also for Bridgette.

During the HOH competition, Frank tried to make a deal with Da’Vonne to save his little puppet, Bridgette, because he did not want her to endure any more hours of the competition torture. When Day wouldn’t budge, Frank potentially made the biggest mistake in the game, thus far, and he threw Nicole under the bus. Even though Frank had a target on his back, Victor’s return made the target smaller. If Frank did not try to make a deal, Victor, and an inconsequential pawn, would be sitting on the block this week and going home.

Now the fate of Bridgette’s and Frank’s BB lives comes down to a Power of Veto competition, which viewers get to witness tonight. Either way, their alliance and cutesy relationship could all be just a memory after Thursday. Don’t count either of them out from winning the POV, as they are both competition beasts and can easily win the comp tonight. Their Big Brother lives are at stake. Therefore, it’s go hard or go home for them.