Big Brother 17 Recap: Eviction and HoH Comp – Week 2

Tonight on Big Brother 17 we’ll have our second eviction of the season. We’re pretty sure we know is going home based on what we’ve seen on the Big Brother Live Feeds the past few days. But you never know until the votes are counted!

Big Brother 17 Episode 8 (CBS)
Big Brother 17 Episode 8 (CBS)

Alliances have crumbled, friendships dashed, promises torn apart… And it’s only week two! Welcome to Big Brother!

Rewinding from the last episode, we have Shelli as the final Head of Household gunning to get out Da’Vonne. Unfortunately, Da’Vonne lost at the Power of Veto Competition to John. When John refused not to use the PoV on himself, Shelli tried to put Jul/Liz up as a pawn against Da’Vonne. But Austin didn’t want his ally put up and lied to Shelli to keep Jul/Liz safe. So Shelli put Meg up instead, as Austin had suggested.

Who will get the seventh phone call tonight and get the power of the Last Laugh, and how will that shake up this week’s eviction? Plus, we have a new guest to shake up the house with another Big Brother Takeover Twist.

Big Brother 17 Episode 8 (67)

This week the two Heads of Household were on completely different pages, each gunning to evict a different Houseguest. But in the end, Shelli prevailed and her intentions are clear: Da’Vonne must go. So, will the single mother be the next Houseguest sent packing? We’ll find out soon enough. But first, with the power of the Last Laugh in play, the result of tonight’s vote is anything but a lock.

Big Brother 17 Episode 8 (5)

Cowards, everyone in this house, cowards, Da’Vonne says in Diary Room. Meg is obviously a pawn this week and no one is going to vote against her.

Da’Vonne is full of kindness, Meg says in Diary Room, and that’s really is what is getting to her. It’s sucky.

If you would have told me I wasn’t be nominated this week, Audrey says in Diary Room, I would have said you were a liar. But I’m here!

Big Brother 17 Episode 8 (7)

In this game Da’Vonne is my one and only and I’m praying for a glimmer of hope, but honestly I feel like my soul is crushed, Jason says in Diary Room.

Shelli cries under the covers and in the Diary Room. I know that ultimately Da’Vonne would come after me and I have to look after myself. It breaks my heart that it’s my hands sending her out the door. I’m having a hard time with it.

Big Brother 17 Episode 8 (8)

Da’Vonne, something is going to be in our power, Meg says. Something, she says. In Diary Room Meg says has no idea what the twist is, but the best case scenario would be both of them are saved and off the block.

Meg hopes the twist will somehow make both her and Da’Vonne safe and get them off the block. If this twist saves both Da’Vonne and Meg, it would great, but Da’Vonne says she and her daughter are more important than Meg.

Big Brother 17 Episode 8 (6)

Meg can’t wait until Thursday to know what the Twist is. If there’s a way for me to stay in this house, Da’Vonne says… Jason says, it would combust. Whether it’s silly, or it’s important, or it’s game changing, that’s the silver lining. That’s one thing that I’m okay with all of this, Meg says.

In Diary Room says if this Twist can save both of them, phenomenal. I’d be ecstatic. However, if it’s only for one person, bye Meg! I didn’t come in here with you as a team player. My game is me and my daughter, period. Come through with something, Da’Vonne says.

Big Brother Takeover Twist time. A phone booth has been installed in the house as part of Kathy Griffin’s BB Takeover Twist. James says he thinks they used to use those things to communicate? Kathy will be calling fifteen times. The Houseguest who answers the right call will get the Last Laugh power to cancel out three votes at the eviction this week. America already knows which call it will be.

Big Brother 17 Episode 8 (14)

Da’Vonne says this is the one thing that could possibly could keep her in this game. Clay wants to win this even though he still thinks Da’Vonne will go home this week. You just never know with Big Brother.

One by one the Houseguests answer the phone and get insulting tips like lose 10 pounds, use breathmints, etc. Clay wants to get the number 7 phone call but Da’Vonne sits right next to the phone booth so she can get it. So she is told she has the special secret Last Laugh power. She plays it off and says Kathy Griffin is “hella rude” but she’s like crazy dance happy in the pantry by herself.

Big Brother 17 Episode 8 (17)

All the phone calls are over and now everyone knows someone is lying about not getting it. Da’Vonne immediately tells Jason and they talk about who they need to get to vote to keep Da’VOnne, and which votes they need to cancel out. All she has to do is get four votes plus Jason.

Vanessa says she’ll vote for Da’Vonne. John says he will vote to keep to Da’Vonne. And OMG, even Audrey now says she would vote to keep Da’Vonne because everyone is going after the two of them. Audrey says if her vote is not nulled on eviction night, Da’Vonne might actually get to stay. Audrey doesn’t want Da’Vonne gone because then she’ll be target number one. Da’Vonne is like, my arch nemesis might be my ticket to stay!

Big Brother 17 Episode 8 (21)

Clay whines to Shelli about Da’Vonne stealing his phone call number. Clay says Da’Vonne is all bouncing around and happy now and so you can tell she won the power. Shelli is not pleased. She’s afraid Da’Vonne might end up staying if she gets enough votes. They talk about who Da’VOnne could potentially get to vote for her. Shelli says Da’VOnne would get Jason. Maybe Vanessa, John, James, Austin, Steve. That could be five votes she could potentially get and she only needs four plus Jason.

Coming up, Da’Vonne has the power of the Last Laugh. Whose votes will she block? Then it’s the live eviction. Will it be Da’Vonne or Meg? Plus, the Houseguests will get a visit from New England Patriots tight end, and reigning Superbowl Champion, Rob Gronkowski. That’s right, Gronk is throwing the next BB Takeover into the game.

Jul/Liz have been successfully swapping in and out of the game for two weeks. But how long can they keep their secret under wraps? In their latest swap, they talk about how one is more tan than the other and she needs to go get some sun.

Big Brother 17 Episode 8 (33)

Sitting outside, Da’Vonne tells Jason there is a twin in the house. She says she has been suspecting for a while, but today she knows it. Liz is a damn twin. It’s ridiculously obvious. In Diary Room, Da’Vonne says Liz’s body isn’t exactly the same every time she sees her. This morning she had more weight on her, now she doesn’t. Jason says she looks different. Da’Vonne says the one last night was the friendly one, this one isn’t. Jason talks about how they got a lot of hats and sunglasses to cover up with.

Jul/Liz comes over and Da’Vonne asks to borrow her glasses for a moment so she can sneak a look at her face. Jason says in Diary Room that as a BB historian he knows Big Brother has had twins play before as one person. His gut is telling him it is happening this season.

Da’Vonne and Jason tell Meg, James, Jackie and Jeff that Liz is a twin. They talk about all the differences between the two. Like the funny one wears the bunny hat, the skinny one wears the bikini, etc. The “fat” one works out all the time. Jeff laoghs which one should he go for? Da’VOnne says just go look at her, she’s totally a twin.

Big Brother 17 Episode 8 (38)

They all run inside to look at the Memory Wall photos. Upstairs, Clay and Shelli see them on the Head of Household monitor and want to know what they are freaking out about. They run downstairs to find out what is going on. The HGS downstairs tell Clay and Shelli that Liz has to be a twin like the Big Brother 5 Twist.

Shelli says every time they do fingernails, Liz ALWAYS keeps the same fingernails. They talk about how she’s just laid low and Jason says it’s so she can survive long enough to get both twins in the house. Da’Vonne is thinking hard how she can use this to her advantage, she says in Diary Room.

Big Brother 17 Episode 8 (47)

Da’Vonne sits down with Jul/Liz and tells her to remain calm and that she can’t share this with anyone. She says everyone believes that she is a twin. Jul/Liz is like, oh my god and she can’t believe people are saying that. In Diary Room, Jul/Liz can’t believe people are on to them this early in the game.

Da’Vonne says she needs Jul/Liz’s vote and she says they need to work together because now people are going to come after her too. Da’Vonne says she can totally see that it’s true on Jul/Liz’s face. She hopes this is going to work in her favor.

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