Big Brother 17 Rankings: Who’s On Top? (Week 2)

After a wild week on Big Brother 17, our rankings have bounced all over the place as the Houseguests kept shifting alliances, making new deals, and doing crazy stuff of all sorts. With this week’s eviction only hours away now, things have finally settled down long enough for us to finalize our list for the week.

Big Brother 2015 cast (CBS)
Big Brother 2015 cast (CBS)

With how rapidly change is happening in the Big Brother 2015 house, we can’t guarantee anything at this point. Our whole list could be turned upside down in just a few days, especially after we learn who the final Head of Household will be after the Battle of the Block. Right now, however, as we speed into the second eviction of the season, this is how we see our Big Brother rankings for week 2.

15. Da’vonne Rogers – Da’vonne has been such a big character for the show, but her time comes to an end tonight. I think her gameplay was average if not terrible, but what hurt her the most is when Shelli became outright HOH. Shelli decided to go against booting Audrey and Day didn’t really campaign as much as she needed to.

Big Brother 17 Episode 7 (6)

14. Audrey Middleton – The problem with Audrey is no one trusts her after week one, so I don’t expect her to last very long. Her problem is so many people want her out, and with the Battle of the Block in play it makes her easy to backdoor. She refuses to lay low and her only allies are Clay/Shelli, and even they even want to see her gone at this point.

13. Jeff Weldon – He’s the male version of Audrey, as several Houseguests have said. Jeff literally is in almost every alliance and spills game information with people who can use it against him. The only good thing for him is the entire house doesn’t see him as connected with Jackie (even though they are working together), so he may be able to escape for a while as non-threatening.

12. Julia/Liz Nolan– The twins this week have been exposed to the entire house and everyone suspects it is two of them. Many will throw them under the bus if they are not HOH to save their own game and why not? They have a double chance at winning 500K and it means they are 2 votes for a future alliance in the game. They would be certainly dumb to keep them in the game long-term unless you trust them. However, they do possibly have a budding alliance that could swing enough power to keep them in the game for a while longer.

Big Brother 17 Episode 7 (6)

11. Steve Moses – The first two weeks of the season he has been nominated, which at some point is going to come back and hurt him. So many say that he reminds them of Ian and if he is sitting on the block come Thursday, I doubt he survives. He really needs an HOH win to build some friendships and alliances to avoid the block every week.

10. Jason Roy – Jason is losing his closest ally this week in the house, which puts him in danger because they may just throw him up and out. It would be an easy week with no blood on anyone’s hand. For Jason’s sake, after Day leaves, he needs to work on that social game.

9. James Huling – James was HOH number one but looking back, he really didn’t do anything to help him long-term in the game. His name has been tossed around because he only seems to associate himself with Jason, Da’vonne, Meg and Jeff. He’s also offended some of the girls in the house with his remarks, so he might be in trouble sooner than later.

8. Austin Matelson – Austin’s currently in a six-person alliance which is helping his game, but he is a threat because he’s so large in size. I think he’s willing to say he can’t win anything as strategy, but what happens if he wins an HOH? He won’t be able to use that excuse, but a huge flaw in his game is trusting someone like Jeff who is gunning for him.

7. Jackie Ibarra – Her unofficial nickname seems to be “this season’s Victoria” and that is ten thousand percent accurate. Her name never comes up in any conversations and often many of us forget about her existexistence on the Big Brother Live Feeds. She seems to just be there in the house not really doing much but not really causing any drama either. For the Beckys, Johnny Macs and Jackies of the season, that’s not a bad position to be in.

Big Brother 17 Episode 7 (3)

6. Johnny Mac – His strategy is just like Becky’s and he’s just coasting by. He’s just hanging out with the Houseguests and it seems people talk game with him around, but it’s like he’s non-existent. Johnny Mac is probably safe for weeks in this game.

5. Becky Burgess – Becky is not doing anything in the game and I guess that is why she is number five because no one views her as a threat. Even with winning BOTB and HOH in a recent span it seems no one cares about her. I guess for Becky just coasting by is a winning strategy for her.

4. Meg Maley – She may be on the block this week, but I think she is going to last so long in this game. I think sooner than later she will emerge as a strong contender in the game and people will say “Why didn’t we take her out over Da’vonne?” Not one person has considered her as a threat and she was nominated this week.

3. Shelli Poole – Her HOH reign worked out perfectly for her because she is sending home Da’vonne and kept Audrey in her back pocket. The only thing she has to do now is lay low and try to avoid looking like a power couple with Clay long-term.

2. Clay Honeycutt – I don’t see anyone targeting him and he’s in so many alliances this season. He has friendships throughout the game and has put himself in a position where he can just play social without being targeted.

1. Vanessa Rousso – Vanessa’s gameplay this week has been astounding. She put herself into a 6 person alliance and it does not look like anyone is currently targeting her in the house. I think her knowledge of the game is only going to grow as the season goes on and she’s not in a position to win anything.

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