Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Overnight Live Feeds Report – 9/4/2014

The Big Brother 2014 cast is anticipating a Double Eviction on Thursday night and that’s exactly what they are going to get. Talk in the house overnight was all about who is going to go up as the eviction nominees depending on which Houseguest wins the Head of Household Competition. Right now it seems like there is a big divide going on with Derrick and Cody on who should go up if one of them wins it.

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Big Brother 2014 cast – Cody (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

Yesterday afternoon, the Have-Not room was shut down and remodeled in some mysterious way. The Houseguests were put on lockdown and the Live Feeds went down for about three hours. When they came back up, the Have-Not room was sealed off. No one knows if it is closed for good, or maybe might be used again for an isolation room or a luxury competition of some sort.

As for game talk, the biggest news was Cody and Derrick going back and forth about whether or not Frankie should go up on the block if one of the wins Head of Household. Cody told Derrick he wanted to put Frankie up if he won and to get him out. Derrick wants Christine up and to be the one who gets evicted.

7:15 PM – Frankie, knowing he is on very delicate ground both in the house and with the Jury, apologizes to Christine for how he has been acting with her. He blames it all on being messed up by Nicole being back in the house and being paranoid. Just like he blamed being paranoid for a lot of other crappy stuff he’s done previously in the house. Whatever, Frankie. He then goes and tells Derrick that he apologized to her. Derrick says Christine is still going to go after him.

7:30 PM – The Houseguests get a bottle of wine and three cans of beer. Nicole says she convinced production to give it to them and she shares a toast with Victoria. Nicole goes off to finish packing.

8:40 PM – Caleb jokes about Hayden drinking moonshine and waking up with toddlers next to him asking what happened. I would let Hayden sip on that moonshine and he would wake up with 5 or 6 year olds next to him.. saying what happened. Don’t tell Nicole!” It is kind of weird and not funny at all. Then he talks about how he can’t stand BJs for even two minutes but he lasts forever in bed. (Rolls eyes…)

9:15 PM – Although Derrick is pretty sure he’s in no danger, he asks Victoria to pack his stuff for him if he goes out in a Double Eviction. Derrick coaches Victoria on her speech for Thursday night.

9:40 PM – Cody wants to know from Nicole if she thinks Hayden hates him. She doesn’t want to say it, but it is pretty obvious that the answer is yes. He says it is disgusting that she is lying to him about it. She plays it off that once you leave the game, you don’t really hate anyone in the house. But that is so not true.

10:05 PM – Nicole, who has been tipping the liquor, zings Caleb by asking him why he is Beast Mode Cowboy when he hasn’t actually done anything in the game.

10:30 PM – Derrick and Cody still going at it over who should be nominated and get evicted. Derrick believes Frankie will stay loyal but Cody wants him out. Derrick wants Christine out first and foremost after Nicole is evicted. He says Frankie would put up Christine and Victoria over any of them. They agree that if Frankie stays and gets to the final four that they will tell him if he takes Victoria to final two, they will give the win to her.

Cody finally seems to capitulate to Derrick and says if he wins HoH and puts up Christine and Victoria, and one of them comes down, then Frankie has to go up and he gets evicted. If that happens, they will tell Christine the plan was to backdoor Frankie the whole time.

11:50 PM – Christine tells Cody about Frankie apologizing to her. She says it was all about her talking to Nicole and that made him paranoid. Christine says Frankie is so scared of the guys right now, it’s funny. Caleb shows Frankie his puffed up boob gland, it’s kind of gross.

12:10 AM – Cody tells Derrick again he wants to go after Frankie and he can’t go after Christine instead. Cody thinks that Caleb will want to take Frankie to the final two over either of them. Derrick still wants Christine to go up and go out.

12:30 AM – Derrick continues to work the guys to keep them in line with his plans. He talks to Caleb about how everyone loves Cody, especially the girls, and how that makes him dangerous in final two.

12:50 AM – Derrick warns Cody that if he wins HoH and nominates Frankie, and then Frankie wins Power of Veto, it will end up with Caleb and Frankie against Derrick and Cody.

1:10 AM – Nicole seeks comfort from Derrick in talking about knowing she is going to be evicted. Derrick says there is nothing that would have kept Caleb from targeting her. He says the vote will probably be unanimous, and she won’t even get Victoria’s vote.

Nicole talks about trying to muck up Christine’s game in the house as she is leaving. Derrick tells her she should say that Frankie and Christine are playing the best game and make people paranoid. Nicole says Cody can’t be trusted but she does think he would take Derrick to the final two. She thinks Derrick would win against anyone else in final two, even though Jury likes Cody. She tells him that he needs to split up Cody and Christine, and that Frankie would probably go after Cody before Derrick.

2:10 AM – Derrick continues to manipulate by telling Cody and Christine that Nicole said Christine and Frankie were playing the best game. Then he goes back and tells Nicole he has done this so no one catches them with a messed up story about what she said.

3:30 AM – We close out the night with Derrick and Cody still disagreeing about who should go up at nominations if one of them wins HoH. Derrick wants Christine and Frankie to go up, with Victoria as the pawn replacement nominee if one of them comes down. Cody wants Frankie up. Derrick says they should only use Frankie as a renom in case he comes down and then is angry at them. It gets a bit heated and then Frankie comes in and the conversation stops.

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