Big Brother Spoilers: Who Is Evicted In Week 10? 8/4/2014

The Big Brother 2014 spoilers for the first eviction on Thursday night are crystal clear from the Live Feeds. Figuring out who will be the one who got evicted on Big Brother tonight in the second live eviction of the evening is a much more difficult thing. However, we do have a pretty good idea of who the target will be depending on which Houseguest ends up winning that coveted Head of Household Competition.

Big Brother 16 Cast (CBS)
Big Brother 16 Cast (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

There is no doubt that the person who will be the one who went home on Big Brother tonight first is definately going to be Nicole. Well, not directly to home of course. First she’ll be off to Jury house, where she has told Derrick she will campaign for him to be the hopeful future winner, even if he ends up against Cody.

After that, things get a bit murkier. Cody and Derrick have been arguing back and forth about who should go up and be targeted if one of them wins Head of Household. Cody wants Frankie out. Derrick wants Christine out. If Derrick wins HoH, we are certain he will put up Christine with Victoria and Frankie as the possible renom. If Cody wins, however, we’re not sure. He really, really wants Frankie out over Christine, and so he may go rogue against Derrick’s wishes and put up Frankie and Christine together. Or possibly Frankie and Victoria with Christine as a renom, although we think that is less likely.

If Frankie wins, we think he is likely to put up Victoria and Christine with Christine as his target. If Christine wins PoV, however, we’re not sure exactly what might happen. We are guessing that Frankie would put up Cody… and that Victoria might, maybe, go out. However, Victoria is Derrick’s toy… and he might possibly turn on Cody and convince the others to get him out as a bigger threat.

If Victoria wins, she’s a bit of a wildcard but we think will ultimately go with targeting whomever Derrick tells her to. She might put up Frankie and Christine, or Christine and Cody, or possibly even Cody and Frankie. Regardless, it will end up with either Frankie or Christine as the prime target.

As for Christine, we know she would put up Frankie as one of her nominations… but we’re not totally sure on the second one. Probably Victoria though. Possibly Caleb as the renom.

So, let’s break down our predictions for the nominations and second round eviction results:

  • Cody as HoH: Christine and Victoria as nominations, Christine as target (with Frankie as renom) — although Cody could go rogue and put up Christine and Frankie together and target Frankie instead
  • Derrick as HoH: Christine and Victoria as nominations, Christine as target (with Frankie as renom)
  • Victoria as HoH: Christine and Cody? as nominations, Christine as target (with Frankie as renom)
  • Frankie as HoH: Christine and Victoria as nominations, Christine as target (with Cody as renom)
  • Christine as HoH: Frankie and Victoria as nominations, Frankie as target (with Caleb as renom)
  • Caleb can’t play in HoH

If these scenarios are close the mark, it looks almost certain that either Frankie or Christine will be the second person out in the Big Brother Double Eviction on Thursday night.

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