Another New Big Brother 12 Promo Commercial

CBS has released yet another Big Brother 12 promo video and this one is even more intriguing than the previous ones! We can’t help but wonder if the ‘beach’ theme was chosen for this year just so CBS could show the houseguests wearing virtually nothing most of the time.

Once again, the new CBS Big Brother 12 commercial promises new twists and new competitions. Well, of course, it wouldn’t be much fun if it was just the same old thing would it? Host Julie Chen says fans “won’t believe what’s in store” for the new season. We are definitely hoping for some great surprises and shocking drama this year, but frankly we’ll believe almost anything that happens on this show after all the craziness from seasons past!

We love all the teasers, but we wish the new season would get here already! July 8th just can’t come fast enough.

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