Who Was Evicted on Big Brother Over the Top Last Night 11/02/2016?

Last week, Scott Dennis escaped near eviction on Big Brother Over the Top. Everyone expected America to vote out Scott instead of Neeley Jackson. However, the Big Brother Over the Top viewers had different plans.


Scott failed to really clean up his image after Neeley’s eviction. He just created more of an enemy of the BBOTT Late Night Jamboree. The week proved especially troublesome for Scott when he declared that he would antagonize Danielle Lickey, and then she won the head of household competition.

Danielle tried to spare Scott from BBOTT eviction. She saw him as not a real threat to her game. However, America nominated Scott for eviction, which made Danielle change her plans.

After Danielle won the haunted power of veto competition, she became completely on team evict Scott. It’s what America wants, right?

The end of the power of veto ceremony left Morgan Willett, Shelby Stockton, and Scott on the block. Of course, the Ball Smashers wanted to stay together (despite Whitney Hogg’s drifting allegiance). This meant they would vote out Scott over Morgan.

The Late Night Jamboree would also decide to vote out Scott, but they knew that they probably wouldn’t get a vote, considering Shelby’s care package nullified three votes.

Tonight, Shelby stuck to her plan and eliminated Kryssie Ridolfi, Jason Roy, and Justin Duncan‘s votes. This left Whitney and Alex as the only two votes this week, plus America’s vote.

Scott was voted out by a 3-0-0 vote. Scott is the fifth (and final Four Horsemen) BBOTT player to leave the game.

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