Who Won Head of Household on Big Brother Last Night 11/02/2016?

Tonight, Scott Dennis left the Big Brother Over the Top house. This left the BBOTT Ball Smashers officially down a member. Unofficially, they may have lost two members this week. This makes it, more or less, a 4-3 showdown going into this week’s Big Brother Over the Top Head of Household competition.


The Ball Smashers really needed to win it to stay alive. Not only did the Ball Smashers need a win to, hopefully, take another Late Night Jamboree member out the game, but also to make deals on the other side.

They were in desperate need of at least one more person on their Big Brother Over the Top side.

This week’s Big Brother Over the Top HOH competition was the usual face morphing competition. Players had to individually look at pictures and name two of the Big Brother Over the Top houseguest faces that were used to make up the current picture.

The player to guess all their faces correctly in the shortest amount of time won this week’s HOH competition.


Whitney played first and would get to set the time everyone had to beat. Unfortunately, she really struggled and ended up maxing out her 30 minute time limit.

Alex went next. She struggled almost as much as Whitney, with a lot of second guessing. It took her 27:04 to finally solve it.

Kryssie went next. She immediately got a rhythm and seemed like she’d beat Alex’s time without a struggle. However, Monte being used in two faces really threw her off. She ended up running out of time. She didn’t beat Alex’s time.

Shelby started her turn by grabbing all the names. She then quickly placed them. She solved her puzzle at 3:42 minutes, making her take the lead.


Jason struggled a lot and did not beat 3:42.

Justin didn’t quite understand the rules. He didn’t beat Shelby’s time.

Shelby is the new BBOTT head of household!!

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