Big Brother Spoilers: America’s Care Package Winner! 11/04/2016

On Big Brother Over the Top, it’s hard being head of household. Not only do you make an enemy, and make yourself a target, but America can completely screw up your plan with their care package. So far, only two out of the last five Big Brother Over the Top heads of households have gotten out their main target. They have basically held no power while supposedly holding all of it.


This week, America will completely cut Shelby Stockton’s power in half. This week’s care package contains the ability to name a second person as the head of household. They will be able to sleep in the HOH room, make a nomination, and name a replacement. Shelby will not be happy knowing that she has to share her power with someone else, especially if that someone happens to be a Late Night Jamboree member.

This week, the care package came down to Whitney Hogg versus Jason Roy. There was a lot of support for both of them, but it seems like Jason may have had a little more of it.


Jason won this week’s America’s Care Package. Shelby and him will  have to work together to come up with their nominations. It should be a very fun or intense week, depending on how everyone reacts to this new development.

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