Big Brother Over the Top Spoilers: Shelby and Jason’s Nomination Plans

We are near the Big Brother Over the Top turning point. There is less than a month left before the Big Brother Over the Top winner is crowned. This week could really propel someone to victory, or cause the collapse of a player and their alliance members.

Shelby and Jason

Despite more competition wins, the Ball Smashers have been constantly trying to stay afloat this season. They gained some momentum, but now the tides seem to have turned back in favor of the Late Night Jamboree.

If the Ball Smashers lose one of their members, then it might be the end of them. Whitney Hogg is still playing the middle, but seeming more and more aligned with the Late Night Jamboree.

This means it’s basically Shelby Stockton, Alex Willett, and Morgan Willett against the entire Big Brother Over the Top house. When Shelby won HOH, the Ball Smashers thought they finally get to take out another Late Night Jamboree person.

No such luck. America gave Jason Roy this week’s care package. The care package meant that Shelby needed to share her head of household reign with him. This also meant that a Ball Smasher could still go home.

Yesterday, Jason made Kryssie Ridolfi safe. Shelby made Morgan safe. Tonight, they make one more player safe, and then claims someone as their BBOTT week 6 nominee.

Jason plans to make Justin Duncan safe, and claim Danielle Lickey as his nominee. Shelby plans to make Alex safe, and then claim Whitney as her nominee.

Both sides really want to ensure that their nominee wins veto. They will then use it to backdoor their real targets. Shelby’s real target is Justin. Jason’s real target is Alex.

We’ll all be on the edge of our seats waiting to see which side holds the power after the veto ceremony.

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