Big Brother Over the Top Week 6 Safety Ceremony Final Results (11/06/16)

Big Brother Over the Top only has four weeks left. Only a few more evictions before someone is crowned the first BBOTT winner. This means that the next evictions are the most critical ones for Big Brother Over the Top players.


This week’s eviction will be especially important because it could propel someone to the winner spot. Right now, Danielle Lickey or Alex Willett seem like the Big Brother Over the Top frontrunners.

Jason Roy and Justin Duncan were frontrunners for awhile. However, a few of their questionable remarks and behavior has turned some fans off supporting them. Alex is also rapidly losing support, but (so far), she has the best chance of the Ball Smashers to win the game.

Shelby Stockton is in second place for BBOTT Ball Smashers winner. She just needs a few more wins under her belt, or a game changing move. Danielle started to gain momentum once Shane Chapman left. She also gained a little more momentum after her semi-successful head of household.

Shelby could become more of a frontrunner if she evicts either Justin or Danielle this week. Jason could also gain a bit more support if he gets rid of Alex. The current heads of household really could use this week to make their support rise.

Yesterday, they both started their backdoor plans. Shelby made Morgan Willett safe, and Jason made Kryssie Ridolfi safe. Tonight, Shelby nominated Whitney Hogg for eviction. Jason nominated Danielle for eviction.

Both players want their nominees to win veto. Then they will use their win to backdoor their targets. America’s nominee could throw a wrench into both of their plans. It might make them requestion who to use the veto on to keep safe. Monday will be one of the most exciting days of Big Brother Over the Top.

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