Big Brother Over the Top: America Nominee and Power of Veto Comp Results (11/7/16)

Today in the Big Brother Over the Top house, America decided to nominate Alex Willett for eviction. Right after the nomination ceremony, the veto player was picked. Shelby Stockton pulled Alex’s name out of the BBOTT veto bag. Of course, she chose Morgan Willett to play alongside her in the Big Brother Over the Top veto competition.


Alex, Morgan, Shelby, Jason Roy, Danielle Lickey, and Whitney Hogg competed for this week’s veto. This veto could mean the difference between Alex going home or Danielle.

If Danielle wins the veto, of course, Morgan goes up next to Alex and Whitney. This guarantees another Ball Smashers goes home. It puts them greatly outnumbered by 2-5.

If Alex wins the veto, no one goes up. It comes down to Danielle versus Whitney. Justin Duncan already mentioned his plans to vote Danielle out if she stays on the block next to Whitney.

Therefore, Danielle would go home.

Jason would also remove Danielle from the block. Whitney, presumably, would remove herself from it. Shelby, Alex, and Morgan would presumably all remove Alex from the block.

So who won this critical power of veto ceremony? Read below to find out.

Houseguests had to walk on a balancing beam carrying a tube of balls. Then they had to transfer both balls into a slot. If a houseguest dropped their balls, walked off, or fell off, then they had to reset their container.

If a player banked ten without doing any of the fouls, that slot was set. They needed to fill 3 slots (30 balls).

The game started with Shelby and Danielle ahead. However, a few fouls let Jason zoom ahead.


Jason Roy won this week’s Power of Veto. He will use it to take Danielle off the block, and then Morgan goes up in her place. Alex wil likely go home this week.


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