Big Brother 12: New HOH and Nominations Week 6

The last episode of Big Brother 12 on CBS left off with the Houseguests competing to see who would become the next Head of Household. The Big Brother Houseguests were tasked with untangling themselves from a giant web of rope in an endurance competition.

Big Brother HOH Contest (CBS)
Big Brother HOH Contest (CBS)

As most folks watching the Big Brother Live Feeds probably guessed before and during the HOH contest, half the Houseguests didn’t even really bother to compete very hard. Most of them seem content to let Brendon win Head of Household – which he does, hands down. Enzo and Hayden have already made their own arrangements with Brendon and it looks like Matt could shortly be finding himself swinging in the wind without the support of his Brigade alliance members…

Brendon, of course, is convinced he won out of his passion to beat “all of these people [who] just sent home the love of my life…” Yes, Brendon is still spouting his love for Rachel even after her long overdue eviction from the house. “Everyone knew that I wanted Rachel to stay,” Brendon says of the 6-0 vote against her, “so that was definitely a spit in both of our faces.”

Big Brother 12 Ragan and Britney (CBS)
Big Brother 12 Ragan and Britney (CBS)

Matt hands over the Head of Household key to Brendon, who then gets to choose three Have-Nots for the week. Brendon picks Ragan, Britney and Matt – which especially pisses off Britney. Ragan is basically ready to cry his head off over being a Have-Not for the third time.

Britney ends up crying because she feels like she now has a big target on her back (which she does). Lane tries to cheer her up. Then Ragan comes in crying too. Matt laughs over the “girls” being all weepy.

When the Houseguests head up to see Brendon’s HOH room, Lane says he is “amazed to see [Brendon] has a family. He was not cloned. He was not made in a scientific laboratory.” Pretty damned funny actually. Brendon is kind of clone-ish most of the time. Enzo and Kathy play nice with Brendon while Britney whines and acts pissy.

CBS amuses us by showing back footage of Britney and Lane flirting. We continue to think if there are two people in the house that knew each other before the show started – as the first Saboteur implied – it might well be these two.

Hayden and Enzo discuss their growing trust of Brendon over their alliance bonds with Lane and Matt. Enzo gets with Brendon, who tells him he is planning to put up Britney and Lane for elimination.

Enzo spills to Lane that Brendon plans on putting him up. The game is getting all kinds of messy!

Big Brother 12 Saboteur Message (CBS)
Big Brother 12 Saboteur Message (CBS)

The Saboteur returns to annoy the Houseguests once again with implications that two of the players are ‘lifelong friends’. We think this is a bit lame but it does make us wonder…

The Have-Not diet for the week is revealed and it is absolutely disgusting – Eggplant and Escargot. We are curious to know if anyone will actually eat any of the snails.

Ragan tries to hit up Brendon for an alliance because “nobody would expect it.” Brendon acts open to the idea of working with Ragan, but he’s bullshitting because Ragan spit on Rachel when she was “at the lowest point in her game.”

Britney also hits up Brendon to not put her up for elimination, begging to stay in the game. She promises she would totally be in his corner, but says in the Diary Room that she is lying. Well, of course she is!

Big Brother 12 Nomination Ceremony (CBS)
Big Brother 12 Nomination Ceremony (CBS)

Time comes for nominations and Brendon decides to put up Ragan and Lane for elimination. Ragan, remember, is the Saboteur. If he is evicted this week, he will lose out on the $20,000 reward he would get if he survived through the next two eliminations. Ragan is pissed about being nominated, saying it was a pure revenge move. Lane thinks nominating him is the “dumbest move that Brendon has made in this game yet, and he’s made a lot of dumb moves in this game.”

Matt has the Diamond Power of Veto, so he could choose to take someone off (such as fellow Brigade member Lane) the block and replace them with someone else. However, there is quite a bit of drama going on with the Brigade alliance behind the scenes – so things could get very interesting come Veto Ceremony time!

If you want to know in advance who won the Power of Veto this week, check out a SPOILER here!


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