Big Brother 12 New HOH and Nominations Week 5

Big Brother 12 returned to CBS tonight with the completion of the Head of Household competition from the last episode and the eviction nominations for this week.

Big Brother 12 Rachel Reilly
Rachel scheming as usual (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

For those who have been reading spoilers or watch the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds, you probably already know who the HOH is and who they nominated to go up on the block. Still, it’s always fun to see exactly how CBS will put together the show and what drama from the Big Brother house they will choose to show – and what they won’t.

In consideration of those Big Brother 12 fans out there who haven’t watched Sunday’s episode yet, we’re keeping the details of the HOH competition winner and the eviction nominations for this week hidden below the SPOILER alert below.

[spoiler name=”Week 5 HOH Competition & eviction nomination SPOILERS”]

Unfortunately, the Head of Household competition didn’t turn out to be much of a contest at all, despite the enormous time the producers and crew must have put into that crazy set.

Kathy bites the dirt first, making her the only Have-Not for the week. Ouch! Brendon and Enzo quickly follow. Some have complained that this contest was rigged for smaller people – one of those complainers being previously eliminated Houseguest Andrew via his Twitter feed. Well, we don’t know about that, but those with a smaller shoe size did seem to have an advantage on that tiny paint can ledge.

Big Brother HOH Competition

In the end, after the rest of the Houseguests take a nose dive, it was down to Ragan and Matt once again. This pretty much meant, naturally, Matt had already won. Ragan already copped out and gave an endurance competition to him once before. We had no doubt he would do it again. Ragan, who kept complaining endlessly that he just has to jump off, finally does – leaving the game to Matt. Ragan admits this strategy fit with his game to lay low and only act when he has to.

Hayden says Matt absolutely has to put up Rachel and Brendon or he will be kicked out of the Brigade alliance.

Later in the Head of Household room, Matt finds Pandora’s Box. The box can hold something good or bad – or both. Matt tells everyone he only won a $1 but he actually won a Diamond Power of Veto. That means he can take someone off the block any time during the next two weeks AND can choose their replacement.

Opening Pandora’s Box also creates the opportunity to unleash a new Saboteur into the game. America voted that the position be offered to Ragan, who accepts. Unlike the previous Saboteur, Annie, Ragan will be allowed to continue in the game even after his Saboteur run is over. If he manages to sabotage the rest of the Houseguests three times a week for the next two weeks and isn’t caught, he’ll win $20,000.

Ragan and Rachel end up in a catfight after she calls Matt and Ragan a “pair,” which Ragan basically says implies they are in an alliance together. Brendon hops in on the argument as well, wailing that Matt and Ragan were ganging up on his girlfriend.

Ragan, as the new Saboteur, makes his first appearance to the other Houseguests via a video message. He tells them he was unleashed by Matt opening Pandora’s Box. The Houseguests are pissed at having a Saboteur back in the house again. Ragan jumps right in on all the speculation about who the new saboteur is, concealing his own secret quite nicely in our opinion. Fans can submit their suggestions for nasty things the Saboteur can do in the house at

Brendon and Rachel are certain they will end up on the block and Matt doesn’t pull out any surprises come elimination nomination time. He puts the couple up for eviction, saying they should know he’d have to nominate them and they’ve won more HOH and POV than anyone.

Rachel whines and bitches in the Diary Room afterwards that she’ll have to get Botox from all the wrinkles being in the Big Brother house has given her.

You can be sure there was plenty of DRAMA in the house, especially from Rachel, after Matt’s picks to go up on the block were announced!

Brendon swears he would rather have Rachel stay than get that big cash prize at the end of Big Brother. We think he’s either lying or crazy. Still, it should be interesting to see how it all turns out after the Power of Veto contest and ceremony. The deals are going to be flying, the drama smoking and you just never know what sort of craziness might take place between now and eviction time!


The Power of Veto competition has already taken place as well. If you just have to know who won, we’ve got that info for you here – with the requisite SPOILER warning, of course.

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