!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Veto Competition Week 5

Find out who won this week’s Big Brother 12 Power of Veto competition below!

[spoiler name=”Week 5 Veto Competition Results”]

Competing for this week’s Big Brother 12 Power of Veto were Matt as Head of Household along with Rachel and Brendon as the nominees up on the block. Kathy, Britney and Enzo were also selected to compete in the random draw. Ragan used the Veto Ticket he won last week to also join in.

Britney won the Power of Veto in the competition. Will she use it to save either Rachel or Brendon? (probably not) We’ll find out soon!


Major drama broke out in the Big Brother house after the POV competition. We’re talking some serious catfights going on here! We especially enjoyed the smackdown between Kathy and Rachel.

Kathy & Rachel Big Brother 12
Kathy & Rachel get nasty (RealNetworks BB12 Live Feed)

The Veto Ceremony will take place on Monday, so stay tuned here for the scoop. Meanwhile, if you want to check out what’s going on in the Big Brother house 24/7, you can try out a 3-Day Free Trial of the Big Brother Live Feeds here. Oh, and don’t forget you can rewind to any moment of the season to view any hot action you may have missed!