Who Will Win Big Brother 22?

Tonight is the big night for Big Brother fans: We find out who won Big Brother 22, and also who won the America’s Favorite Houseguest prize. We have a 2-hour Big Brother: All-Stars finale that finally reveals if Enzo Palumbo, Cody Calafiore, or Nicole Franzel takes home the $500,000 prize money and the title of Big Brother: All-Stars winner.

All week, we’ve been discussing the game’s strengths and weaknesses of Enzo, Nicole, and Cody. Now we’re going to discuss all possible final two scenarios and who we think will get each vote. Obviously, Big Brother is really unpredictable when it comes to the jury, so we honestly have no clue how this will all play out, but it’s fun to guess, right? Let’s look at some possible matchups.

Enzo Vs. Nicole

In order for this scenario to happen, Nicole would have to had won the final Head of Household competition and cut Cody. In this scenario, I believe that Nicole wins by a slight margin because the jury will respect her for taking Cody out in the end. Here’s how I believe the votes fall in this circumstance.

Ian Terry votes for Nicole

Da’Vonne Rogers votes for Enzo

Kevin Campbell votes for Nicole

David Alexander votes for Nicole

Daniele Donato-Briones votes for Nicole

Tyler Crispen votes for Enzo

Memphis Garrett votes for Enzo

Christmas Abbott votes for Nicole

Cody Calafiore votes for Enzo

Nicole wins in a 5-4 vote. However, I still believe Da’Vonne may influence David and Kevin’s votes. So if she votes for Enzo, they might as well, which would make Enzo the winner, but David and Kevin seemed to respect Nicole’s game on the last jury discussion we saw, so I can see them both giving her their votes. I think Cody gives Enzo his vote in this scenario because he might be very pissed off that Nicole cut him. I think Christmas votes for Nicole because she felt Enzo betrayed her when she left, and she would probably be excited to see a woman win again.

Dani has been anti-Nicole in every jury segment thus far, but she may change her mind if Nicole is next to Enzo in the finals, but it really depends how far Dani takes her anti-Nicole feelings. I think Memphis and Tyler vote for Enzo because they had a closer relationship with him than they did Nicole.

Enzo Vs. Cody 

In this scenario, Cody decided to cut Nicole and take Enzo to the finals with him. I think in this matchup, Cody beats Enzo. Here how I think the votes will go:

Ian votes for Cody

Da’Vonne votes for Enzo

Kevin votes for Enzo

David votes for Enzo

Dani votes for Cody

Tyler votes for Cody

Memphis votes for Cody

Christmas votes for Cody

Nicole votes for Cody

Cody wins 6-3. I think Da’Vonne is very pro-Enzo and will give him her vote. I think in this final two face-off, she can get David and Kevin to vote with her, especially because Kevin isn’t a Cody fan. I also think all three will feel morally right voting for a parent instead of a single person. Despite Cody betraying her,  I believe Nicole won’t be bitter and see that this decision was the best move for his game. She might also take it as a compliment that he felt too threatened to take her to the end.

Christmas tried to tell the other houseguests that Cody needed to go, so I think she sees him as the overall better player. I think this will be the same sentiment for Tyler, Dani, Memphis, and Ian, and they’ll give him their votes.

Nicole Vs. Cody

Nicole and Cody in the final two is the most likely scenario that we’ll see play out tonight. I think who wins Head of Household and takes the other will influence the votes. I think Cody gets an edge if he takes Nicole and cuts Enzo. However, for Nicole, she might get points for another competition win, but they may think she needed to cut the biggest threat, Cody, to really gain their votes. I think this is a too-close to call scenario because I can see both of them gaining votes, but I’m going to do my best to guess.

Here’s how I think the votes will fall:

Ian votes for Nicole

Da’Vonne votes for Nicole

Kevin votes for Nicole

David votes for Nicole

Dani votes for Cody

Tyler votes for Cody

Memphis votes for Cody

Christmas votes for Nicole

Enzo votes for Cody

Nicole wins 5-4. I think Da’Vonne, David, and Kevin’s votes are the ones to watch in this final two possibility. I put that they’ll vote for Nicole, instead of Cody, because I think his lack of bonds with them will play a factor into their decision. However, I can also see them easily voting for Cody over Nicole, because they see him as the overall better player and if Tyler has any influence on their decision. I expect Tyler to be very pro-Cody. I think Ian is a guaranteed vote for Nicole, and the same goes for Tyler, Memphis, Enzo, and Dani for Cody.

If Cody cuts Enzo, I don’t see Enzo being bitter because he already expects it. He’ll still see Cody as his boy and give him the vote. Christmas is unpredictable because I do think she sees Cody as the better player but she’ll also respect that Nicole got this far as a champ. So though I say that Nicole beats Cody five to four, I could easily also see a clean sweep with Nicole only getting Ian’s vote, or maybe not even that vote. There is also a 6 to 3 possibility with Cody winning, if Da’Vonne and Kevin or David give her their votes, but the other part of that potential three-person voting block doesn’t.

If I had to bet on who will win Big Brother 22, I wouldn’t. I need my money and all these final twos can go a million different ways.

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Join us tonight for the 2-hour Big Brother: All-stars finale where we’ll see if Cody, Enzo, or Nicole take home the victory. You won’t want to miss it on CBS at 9:00 PM EST. If you do, we’ll have full recaps and spoilers about the big event.

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