Why Enzo Palumbo Deserves to Win Big Brother 22

It’s that time of the Big Brother season to look back at the final three player’s games and discuss what they did well, their biggest mishaps, and what makes them deserving of winning the game. For the next few days, I will be analyzing and exploring Enzo Palumbo, Nicole Franzel, and Cody Calafiore‘s Big Brother: All-Stars games. This is just to see what may help them win Big Brother 22 and what obstacles that the jury may factor into making their final decisions.

Big Brother 22

Up first is Enzo. Enzo made the top three on Big Brother 12, and history could repeat itself on finale night if he falls short of making the final two. Many Big Brother: All-Stars have been haunted by the mistakes of their past, and have left the game the same way they did in their original seasons. Unfortunately, many players have repeated their same mistakes. Will Enzo beat his Big Brother demons on finale night?

At the moment, it seems like Nicole and Cody plan to take each other to the finale. I am not convinced that this is the only scenario that plays out on that night, and I think Nicole and Cody increase their odds of winning by taking Enzo to the end, but he could still win the game. Enzo’s strongest argument was that he was never in the Committee. He was one of the few players not protected by the Committee alliance and he made it to final three. Even though he wasn’t in the Committee, he was never really on their radar as a target.

Big Brother All-Stars Enzo Palumbo

Also, Enzo was never really on anyone’s target list. He was the most loyal to Cody, but everyone thought that they could count on and depend on Enzo. This allowed him to get info from both sides and pick and choose what scenario works best for Cody and him. Enzo also won some competitions, which allowed him to not just play passively but actively alter the game. He also created some drama with a few rogue votes. This helped create Big Brother paranoia and distrust, something always good in the Big Brother game–as long as your the one creating the chaos and not on the receiving end of it.

Enzo’s biggest weakness was that he didn’t make any big moves. He was too loyal to Cody, which meant he made some decisions that were not exactly in his best interest. The decision to vote out David Alexander over Nicole was a big mistake because if Nicole and Daniele Donato-Briones both leave in the triple, Cody has fewer allies and fewer game options. Since Nicole has been going on a winning streak, Enzo may have benefitted from her being out of the game in that way as well. He had a good relationship with Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett, so if they won HOH and Vetoes, they would have gone after David, Tyler Crispen, and Cody before him. Cody may have abandoned Enzo with him voting out Nicole, but there is also a chance Cody could have stuck with him, as his chances of staying in the game decrease with Memphis, Christmas, David, and Tyler.

Big Brother 22 Enzo

I think the jury will hold the fact that Enzo never made any big moves on his own against him, but his social game was superior to everyone in the house. Everyone loved Enzo, and without that game strength, he may not have made it this far. It’s impressive when you can rely mainly on your charm and social abilities than game wins. Enzo also has pissed off far fewer people than Nicole and Cody. And sometimes to win Big Brother, you just have to be more likable than the person sitting next to you.

Enzo never made any big moves, but he never really had to, to further his game, at least not until the very end, when it was too late. I think Enzo definitely has the hardest road to being crowned the winner of Big Brother 22, but I wouldn’t count him out yet, yo.

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