Will Nicole Franzel Make History By Becoming The Only Two Time Big Brother Winner?

We are only four days away from the Big Brother 22 finale. It’s been a long 80-days plus for Nicole Franzel, Cody Calafiore, and Enzo Palumbo as they edge closer to the half-a-million prize and title of Big Brother: All-Stars winner. For Enzo and Cody, this will be their first win, but for Nicole, who won Big Brother 18, she has a shot of winning the game twice.

Nicole made history her original season by being the first woman to beat a man in the final two. Then it became a welcomed pattern. The only other player to make it this far as a former Big Brother winner was Dan Gheesling. He faced off against Ian Terry in the Big Brother 14 finale. Ian ultimately took home the prize. Dan losing to Ian has falsely created this belief that the jury won’t crown someone the winner of Big Brother twice. I think Dan lost Big Brother 14 because he had pissed off too many jury members, nothing to do with him being a former winner.

The Big Brother 22 players have spoken constantly about not crowning a former winner twice. Ian left the game at the start of the jury, so his shot of winning twice was taken away quickly. Nicole has managed to make it all the way to the final three and very likely will be seeing one of the final two seats on finale night. I think whether Nicole wins Big Brother again really depends on a couple of factors.

Big Brother 22 Nicole Franzel

The first will be if she’s sitting on finale night with Enzo or Cody. The Big Brother jury is hard to predict, as in, I would have never guessed that Josh Martinez would beat Paul Abrahamian in the Big Brother 19 finale, and though Jackson Michie played a better game than Holly Allen, it wasn’t guaranteed that he would win because of the way he treated some of the jury members. Now, if I had to take a gamble like I do in togel online, I would say Cody beats Nicole and Enzo in the Big Brother: All-Stars finale, but I wouldn’t bet my entire life savings on that, a couple of dollars at the most.

From everything we’ve seen, I expect Nicole to take Cody to the finale if she’s given that chance. However, I wouldn’t think it’s out of the realm of possibilities that Nicole pulls the ruthless move (and the right move for her game), and cuts Cody. This move would guarantee her the win because she’s played a better game than Enzo and even won about the same amount of competitions as him (counting her latest win, and she’ll have more wins than him if she wins the final HOH competition). Nicole also had the major target on her back as a former Big Brother winner. She had more obstacles at her feet than Enzo coming into the game. And cutting Cody is the winning move at this point of Big Brother: 22.

Big Brother 22 Nicole Franzel

The second factor that could determine if Nicole wins or loses Big Brother: All-Stars is if the jury holds some grudges against her. From the jury segments, we’ve seen that Daniele Donato-Briones isn’t that happy with Nicole, and Da’vonne Rogers (rightfully) isn’t happy that Nicole lied to her about voting out Ian. Ian seems fine with Nicole’s decision to vote him out, and David Alexander hasn’t shown any signs of holding a grudge against Nicole for pining the vote on him, but we’ll have to wait and see how everyone really feels about Nicole on finale night.

Do you think Nicole will be able to make Big Brother history?

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