Who Won Big Brother 18 – Winner Revealed!

Who won Big Brother tonight and will be going home a half million dollars richer than when they started this grueling reality TV slog over three months ago? In the end it all came down to two repeat veteran players, James Huling and Nicole Franzel, versus newbie Paul Abrahamian.

Big Brother 18 host Julie Chen (CBS)

Before the final round of the last Head of Household Competition of the season, speculation was rampant about which houseguests would end up in from of the Jury together for the live vote on Wednesday night. While there was a lot of talk on all sides of Final Two deals, no one could be sure of anything until the winner of the third round of the final HoH was crowned, and they named their ride along to the big finale.

Nicole Franzel pretty much made a Final Two deal with both James Huling and Paul Abrahamian at different points. Although the only one she really talked about the past few days was the one with Paul, and basically didn’t talk about much of anything with James.

However, before the Big Brother Live Feeds went dark for the season, she whispered to the cameras that it would be ‘stupid’ to take Paul to the end because he was sure to beat her. Besides which, she was certain Paul wasn’t going to take her to the end if he won, because he had to know he’d more likely win over James than her, right?

Big Brother Final Three Cast Members (Photo Courtesy of Big Brother)
Big Brother Final Three (CBS)

In our best guesses scenarios, we decided that Paul would most likely win the season, if he made it to the Final Two, with Nicole as the second most likely, and James least likely to win. So what happened and who won Big Brother tonight and did we make the right pick? Well…


The votes are in!

  • James votes for Paul
  • Corey votes for Nicole
  • Victor votes for Paul
  • Natalie votes for Nicole
  • Michelle votes for Paul
  • Paulie votes for Nicole
  • Bridgette votes for Paul
  • Zakiyah votes for Nicole (tied at four votes each!)
  • Da’Vonne votes for Nicole!

The winner is Nicole Franzel!

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