Big Brother Spoilers: The Bomb Squad Implodes In Massive Fight!

We have some major Big Brother 16 spoilers from the Live Feeds this morning! All the tension and unhappiness in the house over Devin’s controlling behavior finally came to a head last night. The result was a massive fight between Bomb Squad members Devin and Caleb that may have shattered the alliance forever!

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

The action kicked off slowly in the wee hours of Saturday morning as members of The Bomb Squad kept worrying over evicting Brittany. No one except Devin really wants to evict her and it was wearing on several of the alliance members.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. You have been warned!

2:00 AM – Caleb tells Derrick maybe he needs to talk to Amber about who to vote out if Paola and Victoria end up on the block together. Meanwhile, Jocasta is talking to Amber about Victoria crying over them teasing her about being rude. Back to Caleb and Derrick and they are talking about Devin wanting to evict Victoria for personal reasons when he is always telling people not to be personal. Derrick thinks Devin is the only person who wants to evict Brittany and he is controlling the house.

Now we have Amber, Christine, Derrick, and Caleb talking. He asks who is going to be voted out. They both say Brittany, but they paused first. Caleb says Brittany would put up him and Devin if she coold. Amber says she does not want Devin in the house anymore but she can’t control that. Derrick is pissed because Devin talks about how the alliance is supposed to be ruled by the majority but he is making all the decisions.

Caleb says he and Devin are going to butt heads over how he talks to Amber. Amber says Devin doesn’t let her talk at all and tries to control her. Caleb says he protects Devin but he will protect his “Queen” more. Frankie and Hayden join them and they continue to talk about Devin and how he is the only one who wants Brittany out.

3:00 AM – Devin tells Cody his abs are so awesome and he loves them. Devin talks to Zach about freaking out over Victoria and Zach thanks him for telling him that was not okay.

Devin goes outside and joins Caleb, Frankie, and Derrick talking. Caleb says he thinks Devin is trying to get out Brittany for personal reasons. Devin admits he did indeed put her up for personal reasons. Devin says Caleb is just getting in his face because he has been talking to Amber. Caleb says they don’t have the votes to evict Brittany and Devin is causing problems in their alliance. Devin now says he doesn’t care if Brittany doesn’t get evicted and he is not messing up their alliance. Devin starts getting all worked up.

Caleb says Amber and Christine, who are in their alliance, don’t want to evict Brittany but they are scared to tell him. Devin says he just talked to Christine and she didn’t say anything. Caleb says yeah, because she was scared! Devin argues that isn’t true and the cameras will show it. Devin yells for Christine to come out and questions her. Christine says she is scared whenever someone wants her to talk and she is still on the fence. She says Devin wasn’t scaring her or threatening her or anything. Devin takes this and tells Caleb that he is just making things up. Devin is pissed and heads inside.

Devin goes to talk to Frankie about the confrontation with Caleb. Devin is really angry that he has been there for Caleb and now he is doing this to him. Both of them are not happy about Caleb messing up the alliance when it is working so well. Frankie tries to calm Devin down and keep him in the HoH room. But Devin heads back downstairs.

Devin goes back outside and confronts Caleb again. Caleb wants to know if everything is okay and he says hell no it isn’t! Devin says he’s had Caleb’s back and now he is acting like his, accusing him of treating the girls badly, etc. Devin tells Caleb The Bomb Squad alliance is over and done! “There’s no more alliance. There’s no more alliance. We’re done!” Caleb says fine, if the alliance is over, then you are going home next week! Devin leaves and stomps back up to the HoH room.

(Let’s note that the backyard door is open this entire time. So most of The Bomb Squad heard this, and so did Jocasta. This results in some quick work by other alliance members to try to convince her the blow up was just between Caleb and Devin and it was all over “a girl” — namely, Amber.)

Derrick says he knows they aren’t supposed to talk about what they say in Diary Room, but he calls Devin the ‘Dictator.” Frankie comes outside and tells Caleb he just blew up the alliance with Devin. Frankie says Devin now believes he is going to go home next week if he doesn’t win PoV. Frankie says they need to let Devin cool down and that he might not be scared of Devin, but everyone else is! Caleb goes inside and Cody says he is more scared of Caleb than he is of Devin.

3:40 AM – Caleb comes back outside with Amber’s blanket to cuddle with in the hammock. Frankie says that losing Devin will only be one member of the alliance. Frankie says they can have Donny. Caleb says Donny won’t vote out Devin. Frankie says Donny told Derrick earlier that he would vote out Devin. Frankie tells Caleb that if Devin gets physical, he just needs to put his hands to the side and not go after him or they will both be thrown out of the game. He said he will throw himself between the two of them if he has to. Frankie says they don’t know what Devin is capable of.

Is this the end of The Bomb Squad as we know it? Will it be Devin out and maybe Donny coming in as his replacement? Stay tuned for more Big Brother spoilers updates from the Live Feeds!

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