Big Brother Celebrity Edition Recap: (2/9/18) – First Eviction Blindside

Last night’s episode was the final show of the three night premier event.  As we have seen, battle lines have been clearly drawn between the men and women in the Big Brother house.  Keisha Knight Pullman won the recast gift bag twist and took control of the house. Once in control, Keisha nominated James Maslow and Chuck Liddell for the first ever Celebrity Big Brother eviction.  Who was the first celebrity sent packing?

With a distinct numbers advantage in the Big Brother house, the all girls alliance (plus Ross Matthews) plan to methodically pick off the men one-by-one.  With two men on the block for eviction, their plan is moving along as planned.  With a 7 to 4 advantage before the live eviction, the girls alliance is firmly in control of the Big Brother house.

Before things got too serious, Julie Chen hosted a live game of true or false headlines with the Big Brother houseguests.  They have been sequestered and unaware of the main stream media events for the last two weeks.  Questions ranged from Super Bowl XLII results, to Kylie Jenner’s new baby’s name to the 2018 Grammy winners.  The houseguests were pleased with the updates from the outside world compliments of Julie.

Before the Power of Veto (POV) competition got underway, the houseguests were selected to participate with the Head of Household (HOH) and the two block nominees.  Keisha, James, and Chuck, will be joined by Shannon Elizabeth, Mark McGrath, and Ariadna Gutierrez in the POV competition.  HOH Keisha selected Omarosa to host the event.

The backyard of the Big Brother house was transformed into a luxurious spa, the Four ‘Sneezes’ Spirtual Spa.  The goal of the POV competition is to find letters to spell the longest word in the shortest amount of time within the 10 minute time limit.  Players must dig through the mud bath to locate letters and take them back, one at a time, to their spelling station.  Once they have collected the letters to spell the word of their choice, they must ring their bell to lock in their time and word.

In the end, James and Ari tied for last place with neither houseguest spelling a complete word.  Next, Mark finished with a four letter word followed by Keisha and Chuck respectively with six and seven letter words.  No one came close to Shannon who was able to complete a 16 letter word securely winning the first POV.  James can talk a big game, but as of now, it doesn’t appear he can come through in the end.  The all girls alliance has maintained control in the Big Brother house.

As punishment for finishing last in the POV competition, James and Ari must dress like babies for the next 48 hours. Not only are they required to wear the typical baby onesie, but they also must crawl everywhere they go in the Big Brother house. In addition, every time they hear a baby cry, they must suck on their over-sized baby bottles just to add some more humiliation to their punishment. The other houseguests got quite a thrill out of the first Big Brother punishment.

Not much time transpired before dissension among the ranks began with the girls alliance. Keisha and Omarosa believe Mark needs to be scared and taught a lesson.  This is due to Mark vowing to save James and promising to take him off the block if he won the POV.  Ross spoke up during an alliance meeting and questioned this gameplay as it just puts another houseguest at odds with Shannon.  Even though Keisha is currently the HOH, the guys are gunning for Shannon and blaming her for all the moves made by the girls alliance.

Ross spoke to Shannon privately and brought to light the issue with using the POV.  If Shannon used the POV, she will have another houseguest, Mark, hot on her tail to evict her.  Shannon is torn as to whether she should play for the alliance or what playing for what she believes may be best for her Big Brother game.

At the same time, Omarosa was trying to convince Shannon that shock and awe was the best war tactic to have against the guys right now.   If they catch them off-guard with this move, they will think twice in the future about going up against the girls in the Big Brother house.  Shannon started to mentally break over this issue making Omarosa second guessing her choice of aligning with Shannon.  (On a side note, Omarosa and Keisha have formed a final two alliance. They have named the secret alliance BGM standing for Black Girl Magic.)

At the POV meeting, Shannon ultimately decided not to use the veto power and to keep the nominations the same.  Keisha was very displeased with Shannon’s decision, and she believed that was a selfish move to save her own personal game.  Shannon made the decision not to use the POV to limit the blood on her hands.

Julie sat down with 4 previous Big Brother winners to discuss the game play of Celebrity Big Brother so far.  Those past winners included Josh, Nicole, Derrick and Ian.  All four previous winners were surprised at how quickly the celebrities had forgotten there are cameras present everywhere.  They were also happy to see how fast-paced the game was being played by all the houseguests.  Ian thought the guys were playing the game all wrong, especially with the gift bag twist.

Nicole thinks highly of Shannon tags her a beast, but she is also putting a large target on her back by playing so hard.  Derrick thinks the best strategy overall is to lay low in the large all girls alliance and let the top players cannibalize themselves and get to the end that way.  Everyone is pulling for Shannon to win, but they think she has a huge target on her back now.  Therefore, the past winners are routing for Marissa, James and Ross to win Celebrity Big Brother.

Shannon and Ross considered all of their options in the game.  Shannon knows she has a huge target on her back and may as well make a big move while she can in the game.  She and Ross discussed  the possibility of voting to evict Chuck instead of James.  Shannon thinks Keisha made a deal with Chuck, and if she can get enough votes for a flip, a blindside eviction could send a message to Keisha and the others about the game of Big Brother.

Results for the first eviction of Celebrity Big Brother:

  • Brandi Glanville voted to evict Chuck
  • Ari voted to evict Chuck
  • Omarosa voted to evict James
  • Ross voted to evict Chuck
  • Metta World Peace voted to evict Chuck
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur voted to evict Chuck
  • Shannon voted to evict Chuck
  • Mark voted to evict Chuck

By a vote of 7 to 1, Chuck was the first celebrity evicted from the Big Brother house.  Chuck grabbed his belongings, gave hugs good-bye, and left the house to meet with Julie.  During his exit interview, Chuck shared that he didn’t feel as though he was meant for the Big Brother game.  He made sure to tell Julie he wanted to play the Amazing Race though.  Chuck also said he planned on watching the past week of Big Brother at home to help him decide who to vote for to win the game.  Yes, the celebrities can watch the remainder of the season from the comfort of their homes.

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