Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 10 Highlights- The Blindside Aftershock

Last night, we had the first Celebrity Big Brother eviction of the season. It just so happened to also be the first blindside of the week. We may get another one on Monday night–you really never know with the way this cast is reacting to things. Big Brother: Celebrity Edition‘s Shannon Elizabeth worked hard to flip the house on Omarosa and Keshia Knight-Pulliam. All three women aren’t to be messed with in the Celebrity Big Brother game.

Celebrity Big Brother Omarosa Blindsided

Today the Celebrity Big Brother house should be a bit crazy with everyone scrambling to avoid nominations and win the veto. Get ready for all of today’s Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed action by catching up on yesterday’s events.

Before Eviction…

Celebrity Big Brother Omarosa Versus Brandi Glanville

Everyone woke up still unsure about whether to flip the vote. Then Brandi Glanville directly questioned whether Omarosa was working with Chuck Liddell. This made Omarosa’s blood boil, and we got our first real argument of Celebrity Big Brother. The two reality drama queens weren’t backing down.

When things finally settled, the alliance had officially turned their backs on Omarosa. They were going to vote out Chuck and save James Maslow. The feeds then basically went down until the live 2-hour eviction.

After the Eviction…

Celebrity Big Brother First Eviction Aftermath

Omarosa and Keshia were very upset to find out their alliance had betrayed them. Both women started off by staying pretty calm. The two of them, with Metta World Peace, kept to themselves in the gym where they could rant about the lies and betrayal. Metta also realized that he meant to vote Chuck to stay and James out. He made a mistake with his vote.

Keshia and Omarosa were a little annoyed that he screwed up the vote, but they all bonded over losing Chuck and the house turning on them. Metta was actually fired up. He wanted to win Head of Household and nominate Shannon and James.

Omarosa then directly approached some people too find out what was going on. She went to Marissa Jaret Winokur first, who she thought might have used her religion to manipulate her. Eventually, Omarosa brought Shannon in the mint room alone. Meanwhile, Keshia calmed enough to talk to Brandi and Ariadna Gutierrez. She basically said that their actions showed her that she can’t trust them in the game or real life.

Celebrity Big Brother First Eviction Aftermath

And that she’s probably leaving but they would have to deal with each other and the consequences of their actions. Omarosa and Shannon’s conversation started civil. Shannon tried to deflect the blame from herself to Keshia and the alliance. She claimed Keshia’s actions set off the chain of events that got Chuck sent out the game.

Shannon also said the team decided to do this flip, and it wasn’t her plan. Omarosa didn’t buy any of it. She knew Shannon was the ringleader behind the vote flip. Eventually, Keshia ended up in the room.

This is where things got a bit heated. Omarosa also brought up (what Marissa feared would happen)) that it seemed like the ‘white girls’ alliance decided to gang up on the two black women. Shannon insisted that it was not like that at all. Then Omarosa dismissed her, and Shannon stormed out.

Meanwhile, Ross Mathews wanted to get Metta on his side. He tried to convince Metta to work with him, and to not try to win Head of Household. Metta agreed to not nominate Ross, but he said that he wanted HOH, and that he would work with Keshia and Omarosa.

Celebrity Big Brother Ross Mathews Tries to Get Metta World Peace's vote

The feeds abruptly stopped for the Head of Household competition. The feeds didnn’t return until the next day, so we were left hanging on what happened next, and who won HOH. However, you don’t have to be left hanging about HOH.

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