Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 9 Highlights- Will the House Flip to Save James?

It has only been two days with Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds, and things have been off the wall crazy. We had almost an entire day of Shannon Elizabeth trying to flip the house vote: The huge female alliance is already started to implode. It was a fun dream, but like Big Brother seasons of the past, it just doesn’t seem like the women can work together. Now tonight’s huge Big Brother: Celebrity Edition eviction episode is turning into Keshia Knight Pulliam versus Shannon.

Celebrity Big Brother Shannon Elizabeth

The paranoia is strong with Shannon, which has led to a very frantic approach to the Celebrity Big Brother game. She does have cause to be worried, because people are going to target Shannon very soon, but she’s not helping her case.

Brandi Living the Messy Life

Celebrity Big Brother Ariadna Guiterrez and Brandi Glanville

When the Big Brother houseguests woke up, Brandi Glanville was still a major topic of discussion. The houseguests were surprised that she didn’t seem to remember any of her outrageous behavior from the night before. However, most agreed to just let it go and move forward.

Celebrities, They’re Not Just Like Us

Big Brother decided to treat the celebrities to a surprise: a Twitter station. CBS placed a new Twitter station in the speakeasy room. The houseguests can tweet a few tweets a day, but they can’t see any replies. Additionally, CBS gets final approval on whether it goes out to the world.

Celebrity Big Brother Cast

The Big Brother houseguests had a little fun with trying on Ariadna Gutierrez‘s many pairs of designer sunglasses.

Metta Still Wants Out

Metta World Peace continues his talk of walking. However, no one wants to help him out the door. Omarosa even said by no means necessary will she evict Metta. Keshia, however, was a little concerned for his mental health, and considered being kind and evicting him on the next eviction.

Celebrity Big Brother Metta World Peace Wants Out

No one else really agreed to this idea, and just saw it as more proof that Keshia wants to keep Chuck Liddell around as long as possible.

Keshia Versus Shannon

Most of the action from yesterday’s Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds involved the ongoing Keshia versus Shannon feud. They don’t trust each other, and now with Omarosa growing closer to Keshia: Shannon wants to strike fast.

Shannon decided that Keshia and Omarosa want to keep and work with Chuck more than they want to work with the women. Therefore, Chuck needs to go, and they need to turn against Omarosa and Keshia.

Shannon first talked to James Maslow about keeping him, and going forward working with him. He suggested they form a final four. It would involve Shannon, Ross Mathews, him, and a yet to be disclosed fourth person–probably Mark McGrath.

Celebrity Big Brother Keshia Knight Pulliam

Shannon then sent Ross to talk to James about this plan. She did this after working to secure Brandi, Ariadna, Ross, and Marissa Jaret Winokur as the for sure five votes to save James. They all were ify about the plan.

Brandi, of course, was the person the most against it. She also didn’t believe Keshia and Omarosa jumped ship already. However, she saw a discussion between Omarosa and Chuck, and then began to believe it. However, as Brandi was starting to get on board, Marissa and Ross were not.

Marissa was worried if they all agreed to turn against Omarosa and Keshia, and Metta would just be excluded and probably an easy third after the two women, it looked very racially charged. All the white houseguests versus the only black ones. She said it made her sick to think about it.

Celebrity Big Brother Marissa Jaret Winokur, Adriana Guiterrez, Brandi Glanville

Ross started to agree, and he didn’t know if he wanted to go with this plan. He expressed this concern to Shannon and Mark but they basically brushed it off. Brandi eventually had a talk with James, and he just made her not trust him more.

The night concluded with nothing resolved. The Celebrity Big Brother houseguests will use this morning and afternoon to decide who to take out. Either way, the Live Feeds will be intense tonight, because either Omarosa and Keshia will be blindsided, or someone is likely to spill that Shannon made attempts to flip the house against them.

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