Celebrity Big Brother 2 Season Finale (02/13/2019)

Here we are, the night we have been waiting for when the next Celebrity Big Brother winner will be selected by his/her celebrity peers.  We kick things off tonight with the completion of the Head of Household competition for the remaining 5 celebrities in the Big Brother house.  After the surprising eviction of Tom Green during the last HOH, the final five houseguests include Tamar Braxton, Kandi Burruss, Dina Lohan, Lolo Jones, and Ricky Williams.

CBB Tamar Braxton and Ricky Williams

Tonight’s episode will crown the second Celebrity Big Brother winner.  Marissa Jaret Winokur won the honors and the quarter of a million dollars last season.  She is back this season to host the second to last HOH competition which we watched get underway on the last episode.  The competition was called Bats, the Musical.

Bats, the Musical HOH competition

Each celeb has 20 seconds to work on their puzzle before the board demagnetizes.  If they do not swing over to their station and press their button, their puzzle pieces will fall to the ground and they must start over.  The first celeb to complete their puzzle wins this HOH.  If their board demagnetizes, they have 10 seconds to touch their button, or they are eliminated from the competition.

CBB Ricky Williams

Things are underway in Bats, the Musical.  In short order, Dina doesn’t realize she has to hit her button and is the first celeb eliminated from the game.  Ricky flies through the comp and wins the HOH, his first of the season.

Block Nominees

At the ceremony, Ricky nominates Dina.  Next, Ricky puts up Kandi to the block for eviction.  He doesn’t provide any real explanation to the houseguests.  In the diary room, he admits that Dina and Kandi are not on his team.  This was an easy decision for Ricky to make as HOH.

CBB Kandi Burruss and Dina Lohan

Ricky and Tamar have a private conversation and decide to make a final two pact.  If either wins the last HOH, they have both agreed to bring the other to the end with them.  Tamar has many of these same deals, trying to ensure her trip to the end of Celebrity Big Brother 2.

Power of Veto Competition

This competition is called Veto Heist.  The celebs are instructed, via clues, as to which props to steal from the Big Brother Museum.  The props are memorabilia from competitions held during this season.  The Museum is secured with lasers and if tripped, the houseguest must race to the buzzer and reset the alarm.  The player to complete the challenge by stealing all of the correct items and in the fastest times wins the final POV of the season.

The celebs finished in the following times:

Dina finished in 17:34
Tamar finished in 13:22
Kandi finished in 9:53
Ricky finished in 9:21
Lolo finished in 5:08

CBB Veto Heist

Lolo has won the head of Household and has guaranteed herself a spot in the final four.

Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV meeting, Lolo decided NOT to use her newly won power.  She decided that upsetting Tamar just wasn’t worth it at this point in the game.  Now, either Dina or Kandi will be the first evicted houseguest of the evening.

The”Mooch” Makes a Visit

Anthony “the Mooch” Scaramucci stopped by for a quick visit with Julie Chen Moonves on finale night.  Anthony made some positive comments about all of the houseguests left in the house.  Julie asked if he thought President Trump would make it through his first term.  Anthony not only thinks President Trump will make it through his first term, but he very well may win the next election also.

CBB Anthony Scaramucci

Eviction Results

Lolo voted to evict Kandi
Tamar voted to evict Dina

There is a tie which must be decided by the current HOH, Ricky Williams.  Ricky voted to evict Kandi from the Big Brother house.

During her eviction interview with Julie, Kandi said Ricky made a big mistake evicting her.  If Ricky would have saved her tonight, she would have had his back to the end.  Kandi was also very grateful that she and Tamar had the opportunity to mend fences.

Final Head of Household Competition

This competition is called Celebrity Lookalike Junior, and each celeb has a mini me that looks just like them.  Julie will show the houseguests 7 videos, each one featuring one of the celebrity lookalikes.  During the video, the lookalike will make 3 statements, one of which will be false.  For each answer that is correctly identified as false, the houseguest will receive one point.  The celeb with the most points after watching all 7 videos will win the final and most powerful HOH of the season.

CBB Ricky Williams and Tamar Braxton

In the first round, all players got the answers correct.  The second round gave just Ricky and Tamar points.  In the third round, Dina was the only one to answer incorrectly.  The fourth round saw everyone but Dina get a point again.  Rinse and repeat, Dina did not answer correctly in the fifth round.  Ricky was the only one to answer correctly in the 6th round and took the lead.  In the final round, Ricky and Tamar are now tied.  The tie is settled with a number oriented question.  Ricky Williams WON the final HOH.

Final Evictions by HOH

Ricky is now guaranteed second place in the competition and the $50,000 prize.  Now, he must pick the final 2 houseguests to evict.  Ricky chose to evict Dina and Lolo meaning that Ricky and Tamar are the final 2 houseguests.

CBB Dina Lohan and Lolo Jones

During their eviction interview with Julie, Lolo shared that she was very upset that she was not chosen to stay in the game with Ricky.  Lolo said she saved him many, many times and she is beside herself with Ricky’s decision.  Lolo is so upset with Ricky that she shared with everyone that she may not be friends with Ricky after the game is over.  Dina is just thrilled to have made it to the final four.

Live Final Two Eviction Vote

After speeches were made giving Tamar and Ricky their last opportunity to sway the jury to vote for them, each of the nine remaining celebrities cast their vote.  The votes were cast as follows:

Jonathan voted for Tamar
Ryan voted for Tamar
Joey voted for Tamar
Kato voted for Tamar
Natalie voted for Tamar
Lolo voted for Tamar
Tom voted for Tamar
Kandi voted for Tamar
Dina voted for Tamar

Tamar has won Celebrity Big Brother 2 by unanimous vote.  This is only the second time in Big Brother history that a contestant has won by receiving all of the houseguests’ votes.

America’s Favorite Houseguest

CBB Tom Green

Tom Green was voted America’s Favorite Houseguest!  He won $25,000.


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