Celebrity Big Brother 2 Finale Prediction-Who Will Win the Game?

We’re only a few hours away from the Celebrity Big Brother 2 finale. The final two hours will be jam packed. We have the conclusion of a Head of Household Competition, nomination ceremony, Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony, another Head of Household Competition, and a final eviction (of two players). Once we make it through all of that, the Celebrity Big Brother 2 jurors return.

Celebrity Big Brother 2 Final Five

They’ll ask questions and cast their vote for the Celebrity Big Brother 2 winner. Anyone could win this season with five players left and still a bunch of factors to consider. Too many unknown variables seems to be a constant and theme of this season.

Despite all the unknown factors tonight, we’re going to do our best to guess who will win Celebrity Big Brother 2. To make our prediction, we’re going to examine each possible combination of final two players, and then pick who we think would win between the two.

Lolo Jones Vs. Dina Lohan

Winner: Dina

It wouldn’t even be a close or fair fight. Besides Tamar Braxton, Ricky Williams, and Natalie Eva Marie, Dina would get all the other votes.

Dina Lohan Vs. Ricky Williams

Winner: Dina

Ricky made a lot of players not like him. He would probably get the same votes as Lolo, and maybe one or two more, but Dina would take this win easily.

Ricky Williams Vs. Tamar Braxton

Winner:: Ricky

This is a harder one to call. Both Ricky and Tamar pissed off a lot of the jury. However, Ricky was a little kinder to Tom Green in his final hours in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Ricky and Tamar’s match-up might come down to one vote, and that could be Tom’s vote. But this match up is probably the hardest to call.

Tamar Braxton Vs. Kandi Burruss

Winner: Kandi

Yeah there is a zero chance that the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests are giving Tamar the vote over Kandi.

Kandi Burruss Vs. Dina Lohan

Winner: Kandi

Both Dina and Kandi are liked by the jurors, but Kandi has played a little more than Dina. This would give her a slight edge over Dina in the finals. The only thing that could hurt Kandi is that she’s not in financial need. The houseguests might want to give Dina the money because she needs it more.

Dina Lohan Vs. Tamar Braxton

Winner: Dina

Yeah Dina basically beats everyone but Kandi. It pays a lot to be nice in the Big Brother house.

Tamar Braxton Vs. Lolo Jones

Winner: Lolo

This is another one hard to call. It really depends on who the jurors find the least unlikeable. The reason Lolo might have the slight edge because she has expressed need for the money more. They also might think that she would value the win more than Tamar.

Lolo Jones Vs. Kandi Burruss

Winner: Kandi

This match-up is harder to predict than it seems, because Lolo needs the money more. She also played hard for most of the game, while Kandi stayed in the background until closer to the end of the game. However, Kandi played a more strategic game. It also will lean a lot more towards likability, and Lolo got into disagreements with a lot of houseguests. Cleverly, she’s been trying to smooth things over via Tweets. We’ll have to wait to see if her Twitter jury management helps.

Kandi Burruss vs Ricky Williams

Winner: Kandi

No sane juror will vote Ricky over Kandi. He’ll have Lolo and Eva Marie’s votes, but that’ll be about it.

Ricky Williams Vs. Lolo Jones

Winner: Ricky

It would be another close one, but we think Ricky gets the slight edge just for not offending as many people. He was also seen as a mastermind, whereas Lolo was just seen as a mad woman.

Based on these predictions, Kandi has the best chance of winning Celebrity Big Brother 2 followed by Dina, Ricky, Lolo, and Tamar. However, a lot of the votes could be close or go either way based on speeches or questions. So no one is out just yet.

Who do you think will win Celebrity Big Brother 2?

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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