It was the final full day in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house. The day stared with the final Celebrity Big Brother 2 Power of Veto Ceremony, and it went as expected: Not much fireworks. After Lolo Jones decided not to use the Veto, nominees Dina Lohan and Kandi Burruss started to work on saving their Big Brother lives.

Kandi didn’t start immediately, but after Tamar Braxton told her that she couldn’t trust Dina, she was ready to work. Dina talked to Lolo first, and she confirmed Lolo’s fears: She made sure that she believed that Ricky Williams, Kandi, and Tamar wouldn’t take her to the end.

She reenforced the idea that Kandi would take Tamar, and Tamar would take her too. Lolo needed Dina if she wanted to go to the end. Lolo also believed that she had a chance against Dina in the finals, but she had no shot against anyone else. Kandi campaigned by denying that she had plans to take Tamar to the end.

Kandi said that she only had a chance against Lolo or Ricky. Lolo told Tamar what Dina said, and Tamar kept saying that she was shady and needed to go. Tamar and Kandi’s talks with Lolo made her want to keep Kandi and vote out Dina. At one point, Tamar, Lolo, and Ricky agreed to vote out Dina, because she had the best chance of winning against any of them.

However, later in the evening, Ricky expressed concerns about letting Kandi go further in the game. He didn’t believe that Dina had a chance to win the final Head of Household competition, but Kandi could win it. He turned Lolo around on voting out Kandi. They also wouldn’t let Tamar know about the change, so that the votes could split and Ricky could cast the tie breaker vote.

He would vote out Kandi. Lolo became a little obsessed with the idea that Kandi didn’t need to win because she made more money than the rest of the final five. Everyone had plans for the money, so it could better their future, but Kandi didn’t need the money.

At one point, Lolo and Tamar had to explain the mechanisms of the Celebrity Big Brother. She didn’t know that the jurors got to ask the finalists questions.

The night ended with Ricky and Lolo planning to vote out Kandi. So unless something crazy happens, the final four should be Dina, Tamar, Lolo, and Ricky.

That’s it for the Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds coverage. We hoped you enjoyed it, and we’ll see you in the summer for more Big Brother Live Feeds Recaps.

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Celebrity Big Brother Two

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