Big Brother Canada 4: Weekend #5 Recap

After Thursday’s eventful fake double eviction of Kelsey and Loveita, the house dynamics have completely shifted and there’s been no shortage of drama! If you’ve missed or need a rehash of the events since Thursday night, don’t worry: we’ve got your weekend update right here!

Source: Global TV Cana
Source: Global TV Canada

Please be advised that there are live feed spoilers below, including events that have not yet aired on the television show. If you do not wish to be spoiled, please do not continue reading on.

Shortly after the feeds came back Thursday night, Tim was crowned as the new Head of Household! Fans and houseguests alike were all interested in how Big Brother Australia winner Tim would handle his first HoH experience! And he has certainly made it a reign like we’ve never seen before!

Tim decided that he’d bring some of the Australian version of Big Brother to Canada by implementing a similar nomination system. He had the other houseguests use gummy koalas to distribute nomination points to the other eligible houseguests for nomination. If they refused to participate, the nominations would go towards them instead.

After Tim announced this, some houseguests revolted and said they had no desire to be a part of the circus. Dallas in particular was resisting and started asking other houseguests to nominate him so that he’d have an opportunity to play for the Power of Veto. And many of the houseguests followed suit when they met with Tim, whether or not it was at Dallas’ urging.

In the end, Dallas ended up with the  most nominations via Tim’s system by far. Ramsey and Maddy had the second and third most gummy koalas respectively. Tim would use this as justification for his nominations and ultimately followed what the house wanted to do, despite other’s urging him to follow different paths.

Cassandra, Mitch, and Jared were selected to play in the Power of Veto competition, alongside Head of Household Tim and nominees Dallas and Ramsey. Ultimately, Ramsey won the Power of Veto competition and Dallas seemed to think this might be the final nail in his coffin. Although he has not given up in the slightest, proposing deals to anyone who will hear him out. He does seem somewhat resigned to his fate but with a replacement nominee being necessary, it’s not a slam dunk.

Because she got the next highest number of gummy koalas via Tim’s nomination system, she was slated to be the nominee, which pleased Cassandra and Nikki who wanted her up from the get go. Tim wants Dallas to go however, and urged the girls to keep Maddy if she were to go up as the replacement, to which they agreed despite their wishes to get rid of her due to her nasty attitude. Tim arranged that Maddy would promise to not nominate Cassandra and Nikki in exchange for their votes to stay. Nikki and Cassandra wanted to make the same deal with Dallas, but Tim seems firm in wanting Dallas evicted this week.

Cassandra and Phil had some interesting conversations about the future of the game, with them wanting to focus on Dallas, Ramsey, and Maddy in the weeks to come with Joel and Mitch in their crosshairs as the weeks go in. They realize that Mitch is playing the best game but that it’s not the right time to make a move against them. They feel comfortable with Nikki, Tim, and Jared moving forward in the game. They also discussed with Dallas and Nikki how stupid Maddy’s decision to evict Loveita was. (Yup!)

Tim approached Maddy to reveal to her that she’d be the replacement due to the gummy distribution, and she was upset but understanding. They discussed that it was stupid for Dallas to ask to be nominated, and Maddy thought it was not ideal that her, Ramsey, and Dallas were the targets this week. Maddy began to complain about Cassandra, but Tim advised her to play nice with people and not react to things as much as she does. He explained to her how evicting Loveita was a bad move for her, but she didn’t seem to get it. She mentioned that Raul and Jared promised her votes since she got rid of Loveita, which Tim said to make them hold to their end of that.

The hot water in the house was turned off due to rulebreaks, although it’s possible that Loveita and Kelsey may have been able to control that. The two of them, locked in their private suite, have had several confrontations about their differences and where they went wrong in the game. It all goes in circles, but they’ve agreed to disagree somewhat and have tried to set similar agendas like going after Tim and Mitch. They feel that both are dangerous players moving forward. They also agreed to a cover story about what happened so the others won’t know that they were together watching them all in a secret room.

Maddy has complained about Cassandra and Nikki hating her to anyone that will listen, despite the continued advice that she needs to not react to them. Meanwhile, Dallas has been working on votes and feels that he has Ramsey, Joel, Cassandra and potentially the brothers keeping him, and wants to focus on Nikki and Mitch because he believes they could come through for him.

There’s been some tension between Cassandra and Ramsey as well, he speculated (correctly) that Cassandra gave him gummy koalas towards his nomination which really upset him and she’s been on the warpath requesting that he needs to go next week.

Ultimately, as expected Tim nominated Maddy in Ramsey’s place when he removed himself from the block earlier today. After the ceremony, Phil, Tim, and Jared discussed that Dallas needed to go this week. They worried about Cassandra’s vote but she confronted them and told them not to worry and she’d vote the way that they want her to. But later spoke to Phil and said that it was better for Dallas to stay, though Phil was concerned about him going after Jared (which should not be a concern, but whatever). She told Dallas that her pushing for him to stay was falling on deaf ears, he said he’d work people the best he could.

Dallas approached Tim to asked what he’d do in the event of a tie and proposed working with him and that he would not be scared to target Jared. Phil and Tim discussed that Cassandra is adamant that Maddy leaves this week, which Tim was not pleased with. He said he had no tolerance for people that go against their alliance. (It’s ironic that Tim is being so much of a dictator about Dallas being evicted after his commentary about the house being able to decide who leaves in previous weeks.)

Tim and Cassandra had a sit down though it didn’t go great. She and Nikki still want to keep Dallas, but that the guys aren’t listening to her and she cannot be around them. Nikki suggested talking to Tim again but if they don’t change their minds that they’ll have to vote Dallas out. Cassandra mentioned that Maddy mentioned targeting Nick/Phil and Cassandra next week if she stays. Nikki then spoke to Tim and he said he’d listen if they had reasons for keeping Dallas other than wanting Maddy to leave. Nikki stated that she trusts Dallas more and knows where they stand with him.

It’s sure to come down to it once again as it’s not at all clear who will be evicted at this point. And this Thursday we’ll have the added excitement of Loveita or Kelsey returning to the game. It’s going to be a good one!