Big Brother 24 Episode 16 Recap: Aliens Invade The HOH Competition

The Leftovers alliance is in full control of the Big Brother 24 house. Last week under Head of Household and Power of Veto winner Michael Bruner, Daniel Durston was shown the backdoor, and he was the last evicted houseguest before jury sequestering began.

Big Brother 24 HOH

Tonight, the infamous endurance wall Head of Household competition will dictate which side of the Big Brother 24 house is in control this week. Can the Leftovers remain in control, or will the other side of the house put a wrench in their plans? Let’s find out.

Week Six Head of Household Competition

The endurance wall competition is back for Big Brother 24. The houseguests will hang on for dear life while the wall challenges them at every turn. As if that was not enough, some type of grotesque liquid will make that job even more difficult. The winner takes all, and the last houseguest standing will win HOH for the week.

Jasmine Davis was the first to fall off the wall. She didn’t last very long, but she is still recovering from her ankle injury. Brittany Hoopes was the next to lose to the wall. Terrance Higgins was the next to go down after 17 minutes in, and he was followed by Monte Davis and Alyssa Snider.

Big Brother 24 Wall Comp 4

After nearly 40 minutes, Indy Santos finally dropped. She was the last non-member of the Leftovers alliance. They are now set for the week regardless of who wins the competition. Matt Turner dropped on purpose to save the pain in his arms from progressing any further.

Joseph let go so he didn’t have to deal with the Five Swatters alliance. Taylor and Kyle are both in it to win it. Kyle wants to make sure his showmance Alyssa is safe for the week, and Taylor just wants to win.

Big Brother 24 HOH

The final 3 on the wall are Jospeh Abdin, Kyle Capener, and Taylor Hale.

Kyle lost his grip after 46 minutes which meant that Taylor won the HOH competition in the Big Brother 24 house. After sitting on the block facing eviction for 3 weeks this season, Taylor finally has control of the game this week.

Big Brother 24 Taylor Hale

New Alliance In The Big Brother 24 House

Houseguests from the other side of the Big Brother 24 house decided to form their own alliance opposite of the Leftovers. Jasmine suggested a variation on the Fly Swatters for the new alliance’s name, and they landed on calling the new group the Five Swatters. This group includes Jasmine, Alyssa, Indy, and Joseph Abdin and Kyle Capener from the Leftovers.

Joseph swears his allegiance to the Leftovers and plans to tell his group all about this new alliance.

Week 6 Block Nomination Plans

Taylor has made it very clear that she will not nominate or target another African American woman during her tenure as HOH. That means Jasmine should not see the block this week.

Taylor is a member of the Leftovers so that limits her to just Alyssa, Indy, Terrance as targets this week considering she won’t nominate Jasmine. In addition, she had previously promised Indy and Alyssa safety should she win HOH. Therefore, Terrance is her target, but it is just not that easy.

In order to appease the others in the Big Brother house, Taylor wants to tell the other side that she plans to backdoor Monte. In that case, she thinks that she should nominate Matt Turner and Terrance to the block. Her alliance reminded her that is Terrance won the POV, she would be in a pickle.

She still wants to target Terrance for eviction this week, she just doesn’t know how to get from point A to point B.

Week 6 Block Nomination Ceremony