Big Brother 19: Can Anyone Beat Paul? Counting the Votes

We have already been warned about a bitter Big Brother 19 jury. Taking that into consideration, it is really hard to guess where the jury will vote in the end. They may vote emotional, strategic, or who they personally felt played the best game. For everyone, that really depends on how they define a good game. In different countries that varies, with different seasons that varies, and with different houseguests it definitely varies.

Big Brother 19 Final 3

Many Big Brother 19 fans expect Paul Abrahamian to sweep the votes if he makes it to the end against anyone, but that is because we’re looking at the game through our own personal definition of a good game. For me, the best player of most seasons is who held  control of the game, and got themselves out of difficult situations week after week. Therefore, I’m not a fan of the way Paul played Big Brother 19, but I believe he deserves the win more than Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott. Nevertheless, I can see the votes going any way come finale night.

For this post, let look at the three possible finale scenarios and see where the votes may lie.

Scenario #1 ( the most likely match-up): Josh versus Paul

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez and Paul Abrahamian

The Big Brother 19 jurors aren’t huge fans of any of the final three players. Paul manipulated the houseguests all season, and then lied and discarded them without a second thought. Josh followed Paul blindly almost the entire game, until about a month or so from the end of it. Josh shared more with us than his fellow players, so no one got to see him oppose any of Paul’s game or actions. In the end, if Josh wins the final Head of Household competition and takes Paul to the end, that really hurts his chances of winning Big Brother 19.

  • Cody Nickson will vote for Paul (he respects his game more, and Josh was HOH on Jessica Graf’s eviction. Cody also likes Josh even less than Paul.)
  • Mark Jansen will vote for Josh (he seems a little bitter at Paul, but also likes Josh a bit on a friendship basis.)
  • Elena Davies will vote for Paul (she respects his game more, and may still want Instagram help.)
  • Matt Clines will vote for Paul (he thinks Paul was really loyal to him.)
  • Jason Dent will vote for Josh (he will respect that Josh played more of an honest game. Plus bitter.)
  • Alex Ow will vote for Paul (she respects his game more, especially since he won more competitions.)
  • Kevin Schlehuber will vote for Paul (he didn’t leave the game with an ill-will towards Paul, even after learning of his betrayal.
  • Raven Walton will vote for Paul (they masterminded the game together.
  • Christmas will vote for Josh (she may want to give him the win after coming so far together.)

Of course, a few of these votes may switch. Christmas is infactuated with Paul, so may give him her vote. Alex may have convinced Jason to vote the same as her, and same with Elena and Mark, so we really don’t know. However, based on this scenario, Paul would win by a 6 to 3 vote.

Scenario #2: Josh versus Christmas

Big Brother. 19 Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott

Christmas may win some sympathy votes as people suspect, but it would really depend on her speech. If she’s being true to her word about giving up, she should use her speech to boost up Josh as the deserving winner.

  • Cody will vote for Josh (he hates them both but Christmas hurt his ego by taking away his one chance to save Jessica Graf.)
  • Elena will vote for Josh (she just likes him better)
  • Mark will vote for Josh (the same reason as Elena)
  • Matt will vote for Christmas (he will take the sympathy vote route)
  • Jason will vote for Christmas (he will be bitter at both but may give her a sympathy vote due to his guilt over the foot.)
  • Raven will vote for Christmas (she will somehow make it about her overcoming struggles so supports Christmas’s struggles.)
  • Alex will vote for Josh (she will respect his journey more than Christmas’s journey.)
  • Kevin will vote for Christmas (he just likes her better)
  • Paul will vote for Josh (he will be so mad but will probably find a way to respect that Josh cut him at the final 3.)

Honestly, Christmas may end up with no votes, but if she does, we definitely see her few votes coming from the players mentioned. This scenario ends with Josh barely beating Christmas in a 5 to 4 vote.

Scenario #3: Christmas versus Paul

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott and Paul Abrahamian

This scenario is almost the only impossible scenario, but Paul may have a last minute change of heart and pick her over Josh.

  • Cody will vote for Paul (he respect his game, no respect for Christmas anymore)
  • Elena will vote for Paul (same as Cody’s reason)
  • Mark will vote for Paul (same as Elena’s reason)
  • Matt will vote for Paul (he is one of the most loyal minions)
  • Jason will vote for Christmas (he is still bitter and sympathy vote, also so Paul doesn’t get a clean sweep
  • Raven will vote for Paul (she helped him get there)
  • Alex will vote for Paul (she respects his game)
  • Kevin will vote for Paul (he likes Christmas, but likes Paul more)
  • Josh will vote for Paul (game respects game)

In the end, it would be a clean sweep, with maybe one or two votes thrown Christmas’s way. We would expect a 8 to 1, or 9 to 0 vote if it was Christmas versus Paul.

As stated, it is really hard to guess where the votes may fall on the Big Brother 19 finale, but we did our best predict their votes. Let us know who you think would win in every scenario.

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