Why Josh Martinez Deserves to Win Big Brother 19

Time for the second part of our three part series dissecting the Big Brother 19 final three players’ games. Yesterday, we discussed Christmas Abbott’s journey from having a very good social game and natural ruthlessness to do well in the Big Brother game, but deciding to resign herself to just another Paul Abrahamian minion.

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

Next up is everyone’s favorite meatball, Josh Martinez. Of the final three Big Brother 19 players, Josh has had the best game transformation and journey. We still see clear signs of immaturity, but he has grown up a lot in these three months. Preseason we would have bet anything that Josh was going home within the first three weeks. Glad to see he proved us wrong.

However, he probably would have been evicted week 1 if he didn’t take the golden apple. Then Cody Nickson played that week so badly that it let Josh fade into the background. Josh played an important role in the beginning of Big Brother 19 by casting one of the votes that lead to Paul’s reign of power. Before ultimately picking Christmas over Jillian Parker, Josh waffled back and forth on who to evict.

He knew by voting with Paul’s side, it would give him some points with the alliance formerly referred to as the cool kids. By voting with the outcast side, and Cody and Jessica Graf by approximation, he let his side grow stronger. Eventually he decided to go with Paul’s side, mainly because he liked Christmas more and didn’t like Cody.

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

This week set the tone for the theme of Josh’s game: indecision. The rest of the game, Josh continued to garner points with Paul by banging pots and pans while antagonizing others. Josh’s tactic made him seem like someone easy to evict later in the game, so most players ignored him as a threat. The only one to ever attempt to evict Josh was Jessica, but that blew up in her face.

Josh’s few Head of Household wins showed that he had the right game instincts, but he was not respected enough by the other Big Brother 19 players to be taken seriously. In the end, Josh personally annoyed almost every one of the jury members. Let’s look back at how:

  • Cody: Josh constantly tried to bother him, despite asking repeatedly to be left alone
  • Elena Davies: He started an argument with her for no reason, and called her manipulative and sneaky
  • Mark Jansen: Josh had a nearly season long rivalry that included fighting over pillows and Elena
  • Matt: Josh did nothing to him personally, but voted out his showmance-so he believes
  • Raven Walton: She believed that Josh betrayed her as she walked out the Big Brother doors
  • Jason Dent: Josh was part of the plan to evict him
  • Alex Ow: He nominated her for eviction and voted her out.

So the jury could easily have animosity towards Josh. However, they know Josh was Paul’s puppet, which doesn’t do him any favors. In fact, it makes him seem like a way weaker player than both Paul and Christmas. However, Josh has done a few things right where Paul and Christmas have failed: He tried not to make it personal. As much as Josh has annoyed the houseguest, he’s done things to gain favor with them. Here’s how:

  • Cody: During the big cereal fiasco, Josh whispered to Cody that he was actually trying to save Jessica the week she left. Cody didn’t really react, but he could remember that come finale night.
  • Elena: Generally nice to her, until he thought she was a flip flopper. Overall, he had a playful relationship with Mark and her
  • Mark: Mark caused a few of the arguments between Josh and him, so he has himself to blame as much as Josh. He left the show feeling good about Josh as a player and person, unlike with Christmas and Paul.
  • Matt: He didn’t seem too mad to see Raven out the game.
    Raven: Josh was the only person to vote for her to stay, unlike her co-mastermind partner Paul, and Alex probably revealed this to her
  • Jason: Josh was the only one honest with Jason during his goodbye message. He exposed the secret alliance and that Paul planned his eviction.
  • Alex: Also revealed the truth to her, and didn’t directly betray her because was never as loyal to her as she was with Paul

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

Josh was Paul’s puppet most of the Big Brother 19 game, but he made a few major decisions that could win him points with the jury. They may find Josh a little annoying, but he didn’t betray them in the same personal and humiliating manner that Paul betrayed them. How you treat people matters in the real world, and in the Big Brother game.

Josh may have had enough natural sincerity to win him the Big Brother 19 winner title.

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