Big Brother 25 Episode 37 Recap: Loose Lips Sink Ships

We are down to the last couple of weeks of the Big Brother 25 season. There are only five houseguests left in the house after the second double eviction event of the season. Those remaining are Matt Klotz, Jag Bains, Bowie Jane, Felicia Cannon, and Cirie Fields after Blue Kim and America Lopez were evicted in the last episode.

BB25 Felicia Cannon and Cirie Fields

Tonight, a new Head of Household will be crowned. Bowie is ineligible to compete in this week’s HOH because she won the second HOH of the double eviction during the last episode. This a critical win headed for the finale on November 9th, just 11 days away. Who will win and who will end up on the block this week?

Big Brother 25 Week 13 Double Eviction Aftermath

As soon as America left the house, the remaining houseguest celebrated their entrance into the final five positions in the game. Each is that much closer to winning $750,000.

Big Brother also took us back to the house right before the first eviction of Blue. She was completely unaware that she was the target last week. She had been told all along that Felicia Cannon was the target and not her.

Blue approached Cirie and told her she was privy to her being Jared’s mother. Cirie was thankful she took that information out the door and didn’t tell the remaining houseguests. That doesn’t mean she won’t tell the jury members.

BB25 Bowie Jane and America Lopez

Felicia was upset that Bowie put her on the block, yet again as a pawn. Bowie promised Felicia she was a pawn in the second eviction and that America was the true target. America did her fair share of begging to stay in the Big Brother 25 house to no avail.

Big Brother 25 Week 13 Loose Lips…Sink Ships

Jag told Matt that Felicia had approached him with some critical info. She told Jag that Matt was targeting Jag, sooner rather than later. Matt did say that to Cirie, but Matt thought he could trust Cirie. Rather, she blabbed to Felicia what Cirie had said in confidence.

Matt covered his ass with Jag, but now he needs to talk to Cirie about the situation. Cirie responded that “the toothless fairy strikes again.” Yeah, she really said that with cameras rolling.

BB25 Matt Klotz and Jag Bains

Cirie told Matt that Felicia had said that info to her over a month ago, not the other way around. Matt bought Cirie’s lie and now wants to target Felicia. To add insult to injury, Matt believed Cirie and Jag believed Matt when he said he would not target Jag. There is just corruption all over that Big Brother 25 house. Jag clarified that he doesn’t trust anyone except Matt and Bowie.

Big Brother 25 Week 13 Head of Household Competition

This HOH competition is called Super Hero Smackdown, and here is how it works. Each player has three superhero images of themselves at the end of a ramp reminiscent of a skee ball game. On each player’s turn, they must announce which superhero competitor they are targeting with their roll.

If they don’t knock down the announced superhero or hit a different superhero, the game is reset, and the throw will not count. The player to have the last superhero standing will be won this week’s HOH. Let’s start rolling.

The players will roll one ball at a time on their turn. Don’t forget, they must announce their target. Cirie was the first player to target their shot, which was Jag correctly. Felicia knocked down Matt. Cirie nailed another shot of Jag’s.

After a tough battle in the Superhero Smackdown, Felicia is the first eliminated from the competition. Jag is the second player eliminated. Only Cirie and Matt remain. After a few more shots, Matt knocked down Cirie and won the HOH competition.

BB25 Matt Klotz

During Matt’s reveal of his HOH room. He discovered that Reilly wrote his letter from home. She confessed similar feelings for him that he has for her. Matt told his fellow houseguests he thinks he may have a girlfriend when this Big Brother 25 season ends. Way to go, Matt!

Big Brother 25 Week 13 Block Nominations

Matt has an alliance with Jag and Bowie for the final three. He also had a final four deal with Felicia, Cirie, and Jag. This week, he must draw a clear line in the sand. He knows he must tell both of his allies they will be a pawn on the block until he decides who he wants to target. He is just hoping they aren’t too mad at him.

At the Big Brother 25 Nomination Ceremony, Matt nominated Cirie and Felicia. They both think they are a pawn this week. In the diary room, Matt has confessed that Felicia is his target this week.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Can Felicia or Cirie save their games by winning the POV? Join us again on Tuesday, October 31st at 8 PM EST to see the POV results.


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