Big Brother 25 Power of Veto Week 13.5 Competition Results (10/28/23)

Big Brother 24 Veto

With Jag, Matt, and Bowie still remaining in the game and winning the most competitions, it seems inevitable that one of them will win this week’s Big Brother 25 Power of Veto Competition. However, there is always a chance for something different. Cirie and Felicia haven’t dominated the competitions the way Jag has but you should never count anyone out in the game of Big Brother

Nevertheless, Bowie, Matt, and Jag seemingly believe that they have already won this upcoming Veto competition and all the remaining competitions. They see themselves as the final three. However, Jag realizes Cirie may stand in the way of his victory. Matt and her, prior to this week, were very close. There was always a chance he could take her to the end instead of Jag.

This no longer seems like a possibility but Jag has to play it safe. He will likely vote out Cirie if she remains on the block this week. Matt’s options will be limited, and all the remaining houseguests will likely take him to the end. 

But, there is also a seemingly small potential for Felicia’s eviction. She’s Matt’s target and has a way of running her own game into the ground. Therefore, Felicia and Cirie both need this Veto win. It’s a now-or-never situation for both of them. Additionally, we’re down to the final five, so everyone will play in this Veto competition. 



Jag won the Power of Veto.

He has already begun talking about getting Cirie out with Bowie. Therefore, it seems like Cirie will be evicted on Thursday.

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