Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: ‘Relatives’ Season Rumors Continue

We don’t have any ‘official’ Big Brother spoilers for the season 16 cast yet, but we do have one very persistent rumor that just won’t seem to die. On every Big Brother 2014 fan site we visit, the talk seems to be about a possible ‘relatives’ or Survivor style ‘Blood vs. Water’ theme.

Elissa Slater and Rachel Reilly - Source: Rachel Reilly Instagram
Elissa Slater and Rachel Reilly – Source: Rachel Reilly Instagram

According to rumored Big Brother 2014 spoilers out there, the cast for this season will be composed of pairs of ‘relatives’ who will either compete as teams against the other teams… or compete against each other Blood vs. Water style. CBS loves the whole Blood vs. Water theme so much, they are doing it for the second time  on Survivor, so we do think eventually it is going to make its way to Big Brother, we just don’t know if this will indeed be the year.

To add yet another level of crazy to this whole alleged ‘relatives’ theme for Big Brother 16, some of the rumored cast members are supposedly veterans. The possible returnees named from various questionable sources so far include Rachel Reilly and or sister Elissa Slater, Danielle Reyes (who has denied being asked), Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones, Frank Eudy and wrestler dad Sid Viscous (a very persistent rumor), Kara Monaco, Jessie Kowalski… and well, the list goes on and is getting ridiculous at this point.

Big Brother 8 Houseguest Eric Stein - Source: CBS
Big Brother 8 Houseguest Eric Stein – Source: CBS

Even former Big Brother cast members have dipped their toes into this ‘relatives’ rumor mill, including fan favorite Janelle Pierzina. We didn’t see the post ourselves, but says Janelle teased that she “heard Eric Stein [BB8] is coming back. He’s already been contacted. Even though I don’t like him on a personal level, I’d like to see him play again without the America’s Player twist.”

Now, we know Janelle likes to play with the Big Brother fans, like when she teased about possibly being on the show this season herself not long ago. So you can’t really trust anything she says. Or anything any Big Brother alumni says really.

We are still holding out for an all newbie Big Brother 2014 cast for season 16. However, we did have that last year and we see how that all turned out with the whole huge racism controversy and possibly most disgusting Houseguests ever. So we would not be shocked if CBS and casting director Robyn Kass tried to pump things up this year by bringing in this ‘relatives’ theme and/or sprinkling some veterans into the mix.

So far all we have are a lot of rumors with no real evidence at all of what is going on behind the scenes. As soon as we do have some real Big Brother 16 spoilers, we’ll have them up for you faster than you can say “Elissercise!”

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