Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 41 Highlights: Life Without Jess

With Alex Ow now in power on Big Brother 19, we expect yet another predictable week. If Cody Nickson doesn’t win the Temptation Competition (and safety) or the Veto, he will become the first member of the Big Brother 19 jury. He will also be the first person evicted during Thursday’s double eviction.

Big Brother 19 Cast

The week could have a little excitement if Cody beats the odds again and wins safety. However, Elena Davies or Mark Jansen are likely to go home in the scenario, unless one of them also wins safety. Alex has been one of Paul Abrahamian’s most loyal followers. We expect her to continue that pattern this week.

Planning for Big Brother and Beyond

Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen and Elena Davies

While preparing for her exit, Jessica Graf and Cody talked about their relationship outside of the house. They reaffirmed their love for each other and plans to be together on the outside.

Meanwhile, Mark told Elena everything about his suspicions about Paul, including what Cody warned him about Jason Dent, Kevin Schlehuber, Paul, and Alex being the true alliance. Elena said that she knew Paul was playing the house, but they couldn’t take a shot at him now. Elena, if not now, when?!

Jessica takes the opportunity to say goodbye to Mark, Elena, Kevin, and Jason before the live show. She said that she wanted to do it now and not at the doors.

Planning for This Week

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian, Raven Walton, and Matt Clines

Paul and Alex immediately started talking about how to make sure Cody is backdoored this week. Originally, Alex wanted to nominate Matt Clines and Elena. However, she eventually settled on nominating Mark and Elena.

Raven Walton spent most of the night complaining. She was very upset that Cody voted her out of the house instead of Elena. Then she didn’t like the plan to have Matt throw the Temptation competition and go on the block.

Paul instructed Josh Martinez and Matt to try to throw the safety competition, so that Cody didn’t have that option.

Cody’s Game Plan

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson, Elena Davies, and Jason dent

Cody started the post-eviction night by isolating himself. He took his place in the Have-Not room. However, he did eventually come out to socialize. Cody told Kevin that he had that argument with Josh to give Jessica a couple days away from him, so that she could have peace.

Kevin immediately ran and told the entire conversation to Paul. Jason also told his conversation with Mark (where Mark said that he knew Paul was a snake and needed to go) to Paul, but lied and said Cody said all these things. Paul was generally annoyed because it seems like production has alerted him to the fact that he’s not a fan-favorite anymore.

His aggressive tactics aren’t playing well on the outside.

Cody was also very friendly and social during Alex’s HOH room reveal. It seems like he’s at least trying to be a bit more social and not mopey all week.

Today, we expect the feeds to be down most of the day for the Temptation Competition (which everyone is playing in again) and Alex’s nominations.

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