Big Brother 19-8/10/2017-Recap: Jessica Leaves the House with a Bang, Not a Whimper

Jessica Graf has held on for dear life inside the Big Brother 19 house for over 50 days .  She has lost her only true ally and showmance partner Cody Nickson, she has seen him win his way back into the game, and she has faced ruthless assaults by various houseguests.  Paul Abrahamian, who has been calling all the shots so far, wanted to see Jessica go home; however, Head of Household (HOH) Josh Martinez had other plans to send Elena Davies home.  Who won this battle inside the Big Brother house?

Big Brother 19 Eviction

Before the eviction, the houseguests worked on making deals before the next HOH was crowned.  In particular, Kevin Schlehuber approached an unlikely houseguest to ally with for the upcoming week.  With Jason Dent in tow, Kevin made a deal with Cody not to put him on the block next week if he returned the favor.  The deal was sealed with a hand shake.  As soon as the deal was done, Jason made sure to share the information with Paul and company to bring them up to date on what was happening without their approval.

Although Josh intended to evict Elena this week, Jessica did absolutely no favors for herself.  Josh approached Jessica and Cody in the kitchen for a simple conversation that quickly turned very ugly between the three houseguests.  This all started with Jessica trying to call out Josh for being stupid.  That backfired in her face, but she and Cody still called Josh horrible names.  They both lashed out at Josh by calling him stupid, fat, ugly, a moron, and the list goes on and on.  The fight elevated to Josh running around with the pots and pans again in retaliation against their verbal assault on him.  In the end, Jessica made a foolish move and certainly Josh will now switch his target from Elena to Jessica for eviction.

Big Brother 19 Meatballs

During the live eviction ceremony, all three houseguests gave their last ditch pleas to stay in the Big Brother house.  Raven Walton and Elena basically used the time to say hello to family members while Jessica had other plans.  She wanted to go out of the house with a bang by telling all the houseguests that it took all of them half of the season to get one of the two of them out of the house (implying herself and Cody).  She said she was not impressed with their performance, consequently.  In addition, she made sure to call out Paul for being the biggest target inside the Big Brother house.

  • Alex Ow voted to evict Jessica
  • Christmas Abbott voted to evict Jessica
  • Cody voted to evict Raven Walton
  • Kevin voted to evict Jessica
  • Paul voted to evict Jessica
  • Mark Jansen voted to evict Jessica
  • Matt Clines voted to evict Jessica
  • Jason voted to evict Jessica

Big Brother 19 Houseguests

By a vote of 7-1, Jessica was finally evicted from the Big Brother house.  Jessica emotionally told Julie Chen how she had to leave her best friend inside the Big Brother house, Cody.  Jessica clearly was relieved to be away from Josh.  Jessica admitted the after all the lies and backstabbing from her fellow houseguests, she finally gave up on the game.  Jessica was surprised to find out that she was not the original target for eviction this week, and said she will take the blame for that one.  Jessica missed making the jury house by just one week.

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf

“Hocus Focus” is the title of this week’s HOH competition.  Houseguests must answer true and false questions from Julie based on a magical act that they watched in the backyard by the Amazing David and Danya.  After each question, the houseguests with the incorrect answers are eliminated from the competition.  The last houseguest standing will become the next HOH.

Big Brother 19 HOH

First to go out of the competition were Paul, Jason, Kevin, and Mark.  Next to go were Christmas followed by Cody, Elena, and Matt.  With only Raven and Alex left in the game, the last question was answered correctly by Alex.  For the second time, Alex is the new HOH.  Check back for her nominations later this week.

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow

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