Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 10 Power of Veto Competition Results (09/11/21)

Big Brother 23 is officially down to the final six players. It’s basically the Cookout women vs the Cookout men, and right now, the Cookout men are ahead. Very likely one of the three Cookout women will be going to the jury this week with Kyland Young in charge as Head of Household. He wants Tiffany Mitchell out. However, he’s not opposed to sending Hannah Chaddha or Azah Awasum to the jury if Tiffany wins the Veto.

Unfortunately, it’s not looking good for Tiffany. However, of the remaining houseguests, two of them haven’t won any competitions.   This means that her biggest competition in this week’s Big Brother 23 Veto competition will be Hannah, Kyland, and Xavier Prather. Kyland has won the most so far, but not a crazy amount where Tiffany and Hannah couldn’t pull off a victory.

This week is also Big Brother Comics-themed. So likely, the Power of Veto will be the usual BB Comics comp of memorization, spotting the differences, and ziplining across. Tiffany has won endurance competitions before and came close to winning others. This could be Tiffany’s competition to win and get off the block.

If Tiffany does come off the block, it’s not all great because she loses an ally. That makes her chances of staying in the game even less likely. Azah and Hannah would both only nominate Tiffany if they had to nominate her. All the guys, who will get the majority after this week’s eviction, would nominate Tiffany. So Tiffany has a tough road ahead to possible victory. 

Because we are down to the final six Big Brother 23 players, everyone plays in this week’s BB Comics Power of Veto Competition.

So who won this week’s Power of Veto Competition? Read below to find out!



Kyland won the Veto!

It isn’t look good for Tiffany, who will likely join the jury, followed by someone else.

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