Big Brother 20 Episode 34 Recap: BB Comics Returns for POV

For the 4th straight year, Big Brother fans can look forward to watching the infamous BB Comics Competition return to the Big Brother house.  With Sam Bledsoe and Haleigh Broucher on the block for eviction this week, the darling duo must harness all of their available superpowers to win the Power of Veto tonight and save themselves from the live eviction tomorrow night.  Don’t forget, tomorrow night’s episode will feature two weeks of Big Brother in one show with the always exciting double eviction episode.

Big Brother 20 Tyler Crispen

This week we may finally see the end of the Hive alliance if Haleigh can’t pull off a POV win after Head of Household Kaycee Clark nominated her for eviction.  Level 6 alliance seems to be gunning for her eviction this week.  With only 7 houseguests left in the Big Brother house, and 4 of those 7 are loyal members of the Level 6 alliance, they have complete and total control over the house now…as long as they stick together.

Block Nominations Aftermath

With Haleigh and Sam on the block, Kaycee seems to have targeted Haleigh for eviction.  Although the two have become friends as of late, Kaycee can’t and won’t forget that Haleigh nominated her to the block not once, but twice.  Even though both nominations were unsuccessful, the revenge factor still lingers in the Big Brother air.  Does Haleigh have any allies left in the house to help her or is her game left to winning tonight’s POV competition?

Haleigh knows that her only chance of staying in the Big Brother house is to get the remaining houseguests on track to evict Sam this week instead of her.  Sam has been a loose canon at times and, we even witnessed her rampage and threats in the diary room on the last episode.  She threatened to blow the hinges off the doors in the Big Brother house if she was really the target this week and not the pawn as promised by HOH Kaycee.  Sam is certainly off her rocker at times and can easily be shaken up.  Haleigh must push that button on Sam if she has any chance of staying in the game if she doesn’t win the POV.

Well Wishes From Back Home

After 82 days in the Big Brother house, the houseguests were thrilled to get video messages from their friends and families back home.  Sam really took the video message from her family emotionally, and she immediately broke down into tears when she saw the message from her parents and brother.

Big Brother 20 Sam Bledsoe

Surprisingly, JC received a message from a friend and none from a family member.  He shared that he is not close with his family, which was very emotional for JC.  All in all, the messages from home were uplifting for the houseguests and provided them with a last minute pick-me-up needed as the end of the game draws near.

Power of Veto Player Picks

Time to pick the players for the Power of Veto competition.  Kaycee is the first to randomly draw a name and she drew Tyler Crispen.  Next, Haleigh drew Angela Rumman’s name.  Finally, Sam drew Houseguest’s Choice.  With only JC Moundiux and Brett Robinson left to choose from, Sam made the best decision and picked Brett to play in the POV competition.  The field is set with HOH Kaycee, the 2 block nominees Sam and Haleigh, and Tyler, Angela, and Brett to round out the crew to play in this week’s POV.

Power of Veto Competition

The time has come again for BB Comics.  The players must be able to recognize the comic book covers that are incorrect in the shortest amount of time.  First, each houseguest must review the correct comic book covers for as long as they feel is necessary to recognize any mistakes throughout the city.  Next, the players must move through the city looking for the infiltrated covers and remove them from skyline.  Once they have selected all of the incorrect covers, they must ring the buzzer.  If they are correct, their time is recorded and the competition for them is over; however, if they have not correctly chosen the incorrect covers, they must move through the city and chose again without knowing which covers they chose correctly or incorrectly.  This is a tough competition and demands the players pay close attention to detail.

The players finished with the following times:

Tyler 6:36
Brett 7:30
Kaycee 2:17
Sam 15:48
Haleigh 9:53

Big Brother 20

So the 2 players on the block trying to save their games, finished in the last 2 spots of all the houseguests that competed in this POV.  Sam finished with a turlte’esque score taking over 15 minutes.  Haleigh took almost 10 minutes to complete the task while Kaycee, the winner, finished in just over 2 minutes time.  This is her fourth win in the last five Big Brother competition.  The girl is on a roll.

Big Brother 20 Level 6 Alliance
Level 6 Alliance

Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV ceremony, Kaycee decided NOT to use the POV and will keep her nominations the same.  This means that either Sam or Haleigh will be evicted from the Big Brother house tomorrow evening.

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Big Brother 20

Join us again tomorrow at 8:00pm CST/9:00pm EST for the Big Brother 20 live double eviction episode.