The Big Brother 2020 BB Comics Gallery [Photos]

Big Brother just isn’t Big Brother without BB Comics. It’s become a tradition ever since Big Brother 16, and now the houseguests, and fans, look forward to seeing the houseguests portrayed in unusual and funny ways. The Big Brother: All-Stars comics did not disappoint. On Wednesday, we’ll see the Big Brother 22 Veto competition play out, and it’ll be BB Comics one, zipline and all. We’ll see the full sixteen comics tomorrow, but for now, a few news outlets released a couple of the BB Comics designs.

Keesha Smith's BB Comics

This year’s batch are heavy on the puns, have some fun references to past seasons, and plenty of great artwork. I’ll update this gallery once all the photos have been released (so make sure to bookmark this post and return on Wednesday for the full gallery).

Daniele Donato-Briones is going to hate her comic, but the Regulator one is one of my favorites. It’s a call back to her time on Big Brother 13 and forming a doomed alliance with now-husband Dominic Briones, Lawon Exum, Cassi Colvin, and Keith Henderson. The alliance called themselves the Regulators.  Some of the other comics also feature past references like King Kaysar, a nickname given to Kaysar Ridha by the fans, and Janelle Pierzina‘s former nickname used to be the Blonde Bombshell. Janelle’s also has her famous catchphrase “bye, bye bitches.”

Another one of my favorites is Keesha Smith‘s birthday girl comic, which is a reference to her famous Big Brother 10 birthday party. Entertainment Weekly and Parade were the first news publications to post these exclusives, so all credit goes to them.

Click the gallery below to get a full look at the Big Brother 22 Comics Gallery.

Which one is your favorite so far? And if you want to look at some past comics, Big Brother Wiki has every one ever released. One of the artists for this year’s batch was Michael Borkowski  who shared full artwork online. The other two artists are Robb Miller  and Tom Nguyen.

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