After a grueling Head of Household competition where Christmas Abbott let the win slip right out of her fingers, Nicole Franzel picked up her first comp win of the season. Christmas was devastated by the loss, and she was consoled by fellow ally Memphis Garrett.

Big Brother 22 Nicole Franzel

With only five houseguests left in the game, Nicole’s choices for the block nominees was extremely limited. Nicole did not quickly forget when Memphis nominated her to the block earlier this season, or when Christmas and Tyler Crispen (evicted last week) tried to flip the vote on Nicole during the triple eviction event. Now, the Power of Veto competition is the only way for Christmas or Memphis to guarantee safety from eviction this week. Will either legend win the POV when it is needed the most?

Week Ten Block Nominee Aftermath

Nicole promised Christmas that she is not her target this week for eviction but Memphis is. Enzo Palumbo and Cody Calafiore are reveling in the fact that they are the only two houseguests that have stayed off the block all season.

Memphis is feeling overly secure because of his Wise Guys alliance with Enzo and Christmas and his second Wise Guys alliance with Cody and Enzo. Memphis thinks they will save him over Christmas if they both stay on the block this week. Memphis spoke to Cody and made fun of how Christmas doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on in the house. Even Cody thinks Memphis’ days are numbered if he doesn’t win the veto this week.

Christmas thinks her Wise Guys alliance with Enzo and Memphis is solid and wants to figure out a way to save Both her and Memphis this week. She wants Enzo to win the POV. Then Nicole would have to put Cody on the block. They would have the votes to get rid of Cody. Enzo was getting a little freaked out by the big moves Christmas was trying to make.

Enzo is so worried that he approached Nicole about flipping her vote to Christmas instead of Memphis this week. He told her about Christmas’s plan to backdoor Cody this week. Nicole wasn’t surprised by the news, but she had no intention of changing her target.

Week Ten Power of Veto Competition

The time has finally come for BB Comics. Let’s go! The houseguests must find all 16 authentic comic book covers by ziplining past the correct covers. They must choose between a real and fake cover. The houseguest to correctly pick all 16 covers in the shortest times win the golden power of veto.

The times for all of the players are as follows:

Memphis 31:56
Enzo 28:19
Nicole 11:21
Christmas 27:45
Cody 16:08

Nicole slayed the competition and won the POV. No doubt, she will keep the nominations the same, but Christmas has other ideas. She wants to convince Nicole to use the POV to save her from the block. Cody and Enzo are really controlling things as they have the only two votes to be cast tomorrow night at the live eviction.

Christmas wants to backdoor Cody as he is the only one that they think is guaranteed to win if he gets to the end. Nicole is considering that option as she knows if she is next to Cody, the jury will vote for Cody over her.

Week Ten Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV meeting, Nicole chose NOT to use the power of veto. Memphis feels confident he will be staying in the house. The vote lies in the hands of Cody and Enzo. Who will be evicted tomorrow night? Join us Thursday, October 15 at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the live vote.

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