Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: The Jurors Return and Create Havoc (PHOTOS)

On last night’s Big Brother 2014 episode, Julie announced that the jurors would return to the house this weekend. Many fans speculated that their return would be on Friday. Well you froot loop dingus, bet you didn’t see this coming, because the jurors returned to the Big Brother 16 house a day early.

Luxury Contest-Caleb and Derrick

Continue reading to find out why they return and the crazy mess they made.

The final five Big Brother 16 houseguests received an early wake up call and a message on the television screen. The screen said that a luxury competition would take place today. They spent an hour or so speculating about the type of competition, and they prizes they could win. Of course, Caleb continued his hope for a diesel truck with money.

Caleb and Frankie also had some trouble trying to figure out if Big Brother spelled luxury correctly. They did, which Victoria confirmed to the men.

The Jurors Return 1

As the houseguests continued their talk about the luxury competition, Caleb noticed that his Head of Household room was locked. Eventualy, the Head of Household room opened. Then the final five houseguests went up to the HoH room to watch video from inside the house. The front door suddenly opened and the six jurors ran inside. They began tearing up the house by throwing out food, tossing clothes everywhere, and mooning the current houseguests…they created complete mischief.

The Jurors Return 2

Some of the golden moments from the jurors on the Live Feeds were Hayden saying,”Hey, Cody” then kissing Nicole, and Zach, along with his pink hat, tossing everyone’s clothes on the living room table, especially Victoria’s clothes. He also got on the table and danced around. Then Nicole gave him a box of froot loops, which he poured on himself while dancing.

The Jurors Return 3

All the jurors had on Team shirts. For example, Zach had on a Team Zach shirt, Hayden had a Team Hayden shirt, etc. It’s likely that the remaining houseguests will be paired with a juror to compete in the luxury contest.

Jurors Return 4

The Live Feeds only lasted for a couple minutes, but the jurors destruction was the most entertainment the Big Brother 2014 house has seen in weeks.